Santa Paula Times

Do you know what Fido did? Mutt Mitt dispensers being installed in SP parks

June 14, 2000
Santa Paula News
Mutt Mitt dispensers are being installed by public works maintenance personnel in all city parks in a bid to make a dog’s business the owner’s business to dispose of properly. . .so it doesn’t become everybody’s business. The city’s Public Works Department is giving dog owners a hand to help keep parks pristine and runoff water clean: Mutt Mitts, special disposable gloves that owners can use to, well, clean up after Fido does his business.Funded by the Ventura County Stormwater Quality Management Program of which Santa Paula is a member, the Mutt Mitt program is aimed at those annoying dog owners that doggone frustrate others when they don’t clean up after their dogs.Not only is a dog’s “business” unsightly - as well as attracting flies and other insects - but at the least can by annoying if stepped in, even dangerous. Imagine a child running through the park and hitting Fido’s business. . .a nasty skid and fall could follow.In addition, rainfall runoff water can be dirtied if a dog isn’t cleaned up after by its owner. Multiply one dog by the dozens that are walked in Santa Paula’s city parks; it’s easy to see how runoff water could be harmed by dog owners that don’t take the time to clean up after their canines.
Mutt Mitts are specially designed for ease of use - no pooper scooper is required - and disposability. The sanitary plastic Mutt Mitt is used once per cleaning before being deposited in a trash can.The dispensers are being installed so they can be easily spotted by dog owners and the artwork on the Mutt Mitts’ unit makes it pretty clear what the intended use of the glove is.