Santa Paula Times

SPHS Graduate Elizabeth Bonds

June 16, 2000
Santa Paula High School
Elizabeth Bonds considers her grandmother, Janet Beach, “the most inspirational presence throughout my entire life, especially during high school. She was like my second mother, and always had the right answer for every problem I faced. She encouraged me to go out and get involved within school as well as in the community. Most importantly, she helped me see how the greatest satisfactions in life come from simple things such as loving kindness and generosity.” The daughter of Anne and Paul Randall and Ivan Bonds, Elizabeth will be attending UCLA this fall. “I love the Westwood area, and the overall feeling I got when I visited was one of amazement. I feel that there are so many opportunities awaiting me, not only within the university, but in the city of Los Angeles as well.Her educational goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. “I have always been interested in human behavior and the way the mind works. I would like to study abnormalities and find out what environments contribute to their formation.”Looking back over changes at SPHS, Elizabeth is glad to see the increased number of academic opportunities being given to the students. “We have everything from SAT Prep Courses to an award-winning Agricultural Academy. I hope that over the years, SPHS continues to form new programs and specialized curriculum to enhance every student’s high school experience.”
Elizabeth advises incoming freshmen to “Do all that you can throughout your four years. Join a club, play a sport, try out for a play...anything! Being involved throughout school makes the ride a lot more enjoyable. It is also an easy way to meet others who share common interests, thoughts and goals.”