Santa Paula Times


March 02, 2007
Richard (Dick) C. Taylor He Is Not Dead,But He IS FREE…I had a dreamOf sunny goldSeemed long agoBefore the “old”I saw you thereRunning playfullyWithout a care….The Silver Fox is FREE!Through the Looking GlassOur gifts he gaveWith visions clearedOur memories savedHis crooked smileGreat jokes we’ll missHis Papa-style
26 babies kissedHe’ll guide us nowFrom up aboveHis “Rainbow” FamilyHe truly lovedAnd there he’ll wait— for each negotiate —So no one’s lateMeeting Heaven’s GateRichard (Dick) C. Taylor was surrounded by his devoted family on February 20, as he passed on peacefully after a short illness.Born May 20, 1931 in Charleston, West Virginia, he married sweetheart Phyllis, and began his career training at American Optical Co. Four children and 12+ years later, his professional progress in Ventura County earned him peer acclaim and personal appreciation from many artificial eye patients, as the only oculist in Ventura County. Richard proudly believed in achieving accomplishments the old-fashioned way: “Keep your word and keep your job….”Except for his family, his greatest joy came from the 32 years he shared with Phyllis as owner/operator of their Santa Paula business, the Looking Glass Optical Store. Richard’s blend of customer service and personal professionalism was noted as “Business Excellence” and rewarded him with the small town respect and camaraderie he thrived on.Although he enjoyed golfing and writing at their Pine Mountain cabin with Phyllis, along with many gatherings at the family’s “Gingerbread” home in Santa Paula, Richard was anxious to meet with his Savior… so, with gentle words of great gratitude for (from) all – he did.Richard’s knack for adventure and witty sense of humor brought smiles to many, but will be missed by his family the most: loving mother, Lora; devoted wife of 54 years, Phyllis; four proud children, Debra, Clark, Linda and Trina; the in-lawed (because there is no X in Taylor), Richard, Francisco, Bob, David, and Debbie; 14 admiring grandchildren, Mark (and Sarah), Haela (and Jimmy), Loren (and Vanessa), Trevor, Abby (and Scooter), Nicky and Gidget, Korina, Taylor (and Brandy), Luke (and Amanda), Jason, Leiana (and Miguel), Veronica, and Josh; and 12 adoring greats, Brinn, Michelle, Jasmine, Richard, Justin, Reggie, Jimmy, Isaiah, Nevaeh, Devin, Ivy and Alex.A casual memorial service/celebration will be held on Saturday, March 3 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Calvary Chapel Baptist Church, 14840 W. Telegraph Rd. (at Clow Road), Santa Paula. RSVP: 933-0609.