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Measure I Supporters and opponents file arguments

August 02, 2000
Santa Paula News
Supporters and opponents of Measure I drew a line through the Santa Clara River Valley when both sides filed arguments for and against the measure to give Santa Paula voters land use decision-making powers. The November 7th General Election will also ask city voters to decide the issue of expansion, specifically into Adams Canyon north of Santa Paula - over 5,000 acres that will be the site of homes, shopping, a golf course and hotel, among others - and a parcel west of city limits slated for commercial development.Both areas garnered LAFCO approval the second time around after the city’s first bid to expand Santa Paula’s sphere of influence was rejected. Fagan Canyon - also north of the city and slated for residential development - and an area east of the city that would be earmarked for commercial/industrial use were approved by LAFCO both times the city brought forth their application.Most of the controversy has centered on Adams Canyon, at well over 5,000 acres the largest parcel approved by LAFCO. Environmental/traffic impacts, natural hazards of fire/flooding, water sourcing and massive infrastructure costs paid by current residents were among the objections to Adams Canyon development.Measure I would establish a city urban restriction boundary, aka CURB, that would require a majority vote of citizens to change. Signers of the measure are former Mayor/City Councilman John Melton, attorney James Procter and civic activists Martha Harris, Flo Zakrajshek and Robert Borrego.Michael Miller is the author of the argument for SOAR, which notes that it will not stop growth but gives voters the right to chose developments.
Trusting city leaders and providing a better economy for enhanced city services is the theme of the rebuttal authored by Mayor Rick Cook and Vice Mayor Don Johnson.“No on Measure I will help ensure that Santa Paulans have a chance at things that all other Ventura County cities now enjoy,” is how the argument against Measure I starts.“Vote YES on Measure I and Santa Paula residents will gain a voice in one of the most important issues facing our city: Growth and Development,” is the lead for the measure’s proponents.Arguments for and against the measure were limited to 300 words each and the submittal deadline was June 27th; rebuttals are limited to 250 words each but neither form shows a rebuttal deadline date.