Santa Paula Times

Homeless seal to be moved to City Hall Council Chambers

September 01, 2000
Santa Paula News
The city’s homeless seal - of the commemorative and not ocean variety - finally has a home after the City Council approved a plan to install a large city seal created for 10th Street to be installed instead in Council Chambers at City Hall. The council approved the plan at the Aug. 21 meeting.According to the report by Public Works Director/City Engineer Norm Wilkinson, several years ago the city had plans to install welcome signage across 10th Street as part of the downtown revitalization project.“Ultimately, Caltrans [which officially oversees 10th Street, also known as Highway 150] would not allow the sign and the plan was dropped,” but not before two four foot diameter seals were produced.One is the city seal and the other is the downtown logo, both created of high density foam and painted with an exterior grade of paint to withstand all weather conditions. The seals, once rejected by Caltrans, were placed in storage.
“Staff believes the city seal would make a nice addition to the Council Chambers,” noted Wilkinson, and it would be installed on the wall in place of the painted seal located behind the city’s Mayor. The existing Council Chambers seal would be moved to the office used by the mayor and council members.But, “If at some point in the future the street welcome sign concept is revived, the large seal could be returned to that purpose,” noted Wilkinson.The council approved of the seal switch - which was contained on the Consent Calendar portion of the meeting agenda - without comment.