Santa Paula Times

Leters to the Editor

December 29, 2000
Thanks for the ride! To the Editor:Last week you ran a letter thanking people for their support of Blanchard Community Library. I would like to second their thanks, and give thanks to the library itself for the wonderful magic carpet ride my family has shared this year, and for many years.I am so grateful I have a place I can go with my daughters to find entertainment that is so fulfilling and so inexpensive. We have traveled to many lands, even to other universes, from past to present and beyond - all with the aid of a small gold card that is free to anyone who applies. And our guides are the friendly and helpful staff at the library who are there to answer questions and grant requests for “magic carpets” from other libraries if we don’t stock them in our own.Thank you for being there when I craved the latest title from a favorite author, or when my children needed just one more fact for a report on a short deadline. I’m proud that my property taxes help a little to keep you open for me and my family and this community. You feed our minds and our imaginations.Happy New Year!Suzi SkutleySanta PaulaSome perceptions...To the Editor:During the last several weeks in November and December, 2000, I have read several articles in all of the Ventura County newspapers regarding Ventura County’s “attitude” towards Santa Paula. It is quite appalling and unsettling, as a Santa Paula resident for 10 years, that Santa Paula is considered a “lesser” city than Ventura and Thousand Oaks. In part, this unfair perception remains fueled by local newspapers, media and incorrect information. Specifically, it is apparent that only certain voices or persons are considered when provided in print. Certainly every individual has a right to be heard and printed. The inequity in the above statement centers on what the media, partisan groups and certain individuals state when encountered by the press. To summarize, the “total” and “complete” story, agenda or a given issue does not always appear in print.Several factors have led “outsiders” to look upon Santa Paula in an “unfavorable” and less than an “optimistic” manner. First, Santa Paula does not perceive itself as a yuppie community. The city’s primary economic base is agriculture, not a technological, service or computer information city. Second, Santa Paula, at one time, was the primary city in the county (1880-1950). Times have indeed changed its placement. Third, Santa Paula is in the midst of redefining not only its role, but its future within Ventura County e.g. attraction of low to medium industries. Lastly, the workforce is also being reexamined to determine future revenue bases and infusion of necessary labor forces. The above factors are but a few of numerous issues currently facing Santa Paula’s future.The overriding concern of this article focuses on the following items below, and may have relevance and consideration by all Ventura County cities.A. The need and outright adherence to civility, respect and kindness that should be afforded each City Council member, private citizen and individual groups. Since being a resident in 1990, it has become the rule, rather than the exception, to let hostility, indecency and rudeness prevail. These attitudes and behaviors are reprehensible, unbecoming and counter-productive. In addition, the above behaviors fuel a sense of I’m better than you are attitude. Such behaviors must cease, and a kinder and gentler nature should prevail.B. Each community, city council and organization needs to instill a sense and use of parliamentary procedure and “Roberts Rules of Order.” It has been quite obvious to me that an organization, especially any governing body, must function by organized sets of civility, priority and order. As such, “Roberts Rules of Order” embodies all of the above principles, and is a very basic tool for an organization to maintain functionality.C. The last portion of this article concerns itself with Ventura County and its need to perceive itself as a county with 10 unique cities, and not a county with certain favored cities and other less favored cities. Such a position creates tension, hardship and partiality. As such, the county should be proud of each and every city for its unique contribution in terms of revenue, workforce, living conditions and versatility.To summarize, I am quite pleased to have lived in six Ventura County cities since 1970 (Ventura, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Simi Valley and Santa Paula). Each city is unique and individual in its culture, style and livability. As such, harmony needs to reunite a fragmented county.Mark T. Florio
Santa PaulaThanks for supportTo the Editor:Dear Cardinal Football Supporters:As the year 2000 draws to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who made the year 2000 one of the most successful football seasons in the history of Santa Paula High School Football. One of the keys to our success was teamwork. The teamwork displayed on the field was merely an extension of the teamwork that was modeled by the coaching staff, the parents, and the community!First and foremost, I would like to thank my family who gave of themselves so that I could pursue my dreams. They did everything from work in the snack bar, to cook for team meals, to stripe the field. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for your support. I owe a special thank you to my wife Diana. Thank you for always listening to me, opening our home to players and coaches alike, and for your undying support and encouragement - all while raising an infant! You are the one who deserves an award.Next I would like to thank the coaching staff. Never have I worked so hard and had so much fun. Pun, Hank, Chris, and Eddie - you guys went above and beyond the call of duty every week. Your generosity and dedication to the youth of this town is inspirational. I learned something from each of you that will make me a better coach and a better person. I am sure each of our players can say the same. Thanks to Joe Magdaleno Jr., Dustin Magdaleno, Brian Carr, Shawn Velasquez, Isaac Reyes and Glenn Corona for preparing the “little birds.” I know they will be ready to carry on the Team Cardinal tradition.I would also like to thank our volunteer sidelines staff - Frank Sigala for being a great equipment manager, Louis Burboa for keeping stats, Mike Mitchell, Andrea Pedone, and Jim Ponce for filming, Tom Peterson, Ruben Monen, and Aaron Gomez for providing “high quality H2O,” and Andrew Burboa and Christopher Monen for making sure we had a ball to play with. Your contributions were vital to our success.To the parents I would like to say thank you for raising 38 outstanding young men. It was an honor and a joy to coach such a group of honest, hardworking, and respectful young men. As they say, “the apples don’t fall far from the tree.” I would also like to thank you for the countless hours of service and dedication to the kids. Whether it was working in the snack bar or making post game meals, you answered the call every time. Thank you to each and every one of you!Another group of people whose contribution cannot be overlooked is our sponsors: Alfonso and Marina Urias, Alice Alonzo, Andy’s Plumbing, Anita Pulido-RE/MAX, Aunt Dorothy, Barefoot Imprints, Ben Urias, Bill and Lupe Cobos, Bob G. Russell, C.P.A., Bob Wymore, Cal West Real Estate, Carmen Barker, Cattlecar Kate’s, Celebs, Century 21 Buena Vista, Chino’s Market, Colvard Ranch & Rentals, Crane Printing, Cunningham Radiator, D. W. Burhoe Construction, Inc., Dean and Luana Lindsey, Dr. Alan Lyne, Dr. Alan Peterson, Dr. Jon Schrock, Dr. Robert Dekkers, Dr. Roger B. Strange, El Pescador, EVP Ventures, F. M. Pearce Co., Familia Diaz, Fernando and Celia Moralez, Fillmore Car Wash, Frank’s Paint & Hardware, Fred and Roslyn Martich, Fred M. Stewart Ranches, Garden Market, Gary and Cathy Metelak, Hank and Cherie Almanza and Family, In Memory of John Reyes, In Memory of Paul Robb, J. Kent Hollenback, D.D.S., Jack and Casey Dickenson, James Gonzalez, Jerry Burns, Jesse R. Ornelas, Joe Jauregui Family, Justin and Lisa Schmidt, Kodenko Auto Parts, La Cabaña, Lathan and Yvenna Williams, Limoneira Co., Liz Nava, McCoy’s Enterprises, Mendez Concrete, Mike and Yvette Pedone, Rebecca Gaeta and co-workers, Moose Lodge #2097, Ozzie Osborn’s Par 3, Pam Snyder, R&R Pipeline, Inc., Raul Reyes, D.D.S., Reed Land Clearing, Inc., Richard Tushla, M.D., Robert and Jodi Ponce, Robert and Josie Salas, Robert and Katherine Rabago, Rushing Real Estate & Investments, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm, Santa Paula Lodge, Santa Paula Plumbing, Sespe Farm Management, Stylecrest, Supervisor Kathy Long, Thomas S. McBreen, M.D., Timber Canyon Ranch, Tom’s Tires, Valdes Rentals, and Vigil Construction.Your generosity is amazing. Your contributions allowed us to function as a first class program. The Cardinal Football Program is fortunate to have so many people and businesses who are willing to contribute to our success. In addition to the sponsors I would like to thank the Santa Paula Times and Pat Untiedt for promoting and coordinating the sponsorship program.Thank you for an amazing year. We look forward to another year of teamwork and excellence in 2001! Happy New Year!Eddie GomezHead Football CoachSanta Paula High School