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Earthquake: 2.1 magnitude shaker hits 3 miles east of Santa Paula

August 15, 2012
Santa Paula News

There was an early morning earthquake Friday just east of Santa Paula near one of the Santa Clara River Valley’s two major fault lines.

The 2.1 magnitude earthquake occurred August 10 at 2:10 a.m. 

According to the US Geological Service (USGS), the quake was located three miles east from Santa Paula, seven miles west southwest of Fillmore and nine miles north from Fillmore. The exact location of the shaker was mapped at 34.351°N, 119.019°W at a depth of 15.1 miles.

According to the USGS map of the area, the earthquake occurred on or near the Oak Ridge Fault in an area south of South Mountain Road. The Oak Ridge Fault, south of Santa Paula, and the San Cayetano Fault located to the north of the city, transverse much of the Santa Clara River Valley, at one point separated by about one mile. The faults have been inching closer together and are among the most watched in the state by earthquake officials. 

The USGS is part of the California Integrated Seismic Net team that includes Caltech and several universities among other members.