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Mike Coleman (photo above left) from Coleman Landscape carefully place one of the pots on Main Street. (Above right) Alex Flores brought FFA Chapter Officers Kristen Harvey, Lauren Shield, Keyana Orr, Veronica Lemus, Daniel Desales, Cami Smith, Cassie Bonfil over to DoRights on July 13 to plant the new planters.

America In Bloom installs new planters on Main Street

August 17, 2012
Santa Paula News

On July 30th, American In Bloom (AIB) in conjunction with Do Right Nursery, Crop Protection Services, Coleman Landscape, completed the installation of 20 new container planters along Main St. replacing the original 14 planters that have been maintained by Do Right Plant Growers for the last three years. The new containers are larger, more attractive, and should require less maintenance than the original planters.  

This new installation was made possible by a joint effort of the Santa Paula Rotary Club and America in Bloom . AIB applied for a grant from the Rotary Club earlier this year and was awarded $6,500 toward the $12,000 purchase price for the new planters. AIB is very grateful for this generous donation which allowed us to provide this beautiful new addition to our City.  

 The series of beautification projects that have appeared in our City over the past three years were first conceived by Dudley and Dianne Davis, the owners of Do Right Nursery. After installing the original 14 planters, in which they provided all the maintenance and upkeep, they were instrumental in forming a local chapter of American In Bloom, a nationwide organization dedicated to providing beautification projects within participation cities. 

 Since formation almost three years ago, AIB has taken on major renovation and beautification projects throughout Santa Paula. Included among these projects are the Community Center, our library, Isbell School, Harvard Blvd. and numerous other locations. AIB has also taken on responsibility for coordinating maintenance on our newly completed 3 mile long bike path running through our City. This is a joint effort with several community service clubs and other organizations and individuals. 

 A major source of funding enabling AIB to provide these beautification projects has been our annual plant sale held at Faulkner Farm each year during the Month of March. We are also selling dedication memorials under our hanging baskets which are available to individuals or business for an initial cost of $250 with an additional fee of $100 per year for associated maintenance costs.