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Council candidates’ campaign funds spent on getting the word out

November 02, 2012
Santa Paula News

Money comes in, money goes out, and the City Council candidates primarily centered their spending on getting the word out on their campaigns.

Council candidates have been busy with filings required by the Fair Political Practices Commission, including those last minute trips to the bank by candidates and donors. And there might be more paperwork if an expenditure or donation hits the report-within-24-hours trigger of $1,000 in the last days leading up to the election.

Fred Robinson and Jim Tovias are single-term incumbents trying to hold on to their seats. Robinson, who leads a county nonprofit, and insurance agent Tovias are running as a slate and share a campaign treasurer.

Duane Ashby, a corporate trainer and financial analyst, ran for the council two years ago and was narrowly defeated. Also trying for a council seat is first time candidate Martin Hernandez, chief of staff to Supervisor Kathy Long.

Hernandez has led the race, according to the latest filing by Treasurer Holly Hernandez, at least when it comes to donations. Hernandez has reported a total of $14,519.26 raised. Hernandez was able to repay loans he and his wife made to his campaign of $1,000 and $1,481.19 respectively.

His spending throughout the county for supplies, literature and fundraising events included Santa Paula-based Garden Market, El Pollo Bravo and the H. Bolton Company. As of the October 25 deadline campaign report, Hernandez’s balance was $2,286.19.

The latest filing for Robinson showed his total campaign donations are $6,645, including an outstanding $2,500 loan Robinson made to himself. According to the filing, his total expenditures to date are largely centered on campaign materials including posters, postage and signage. 

To date Robinson has spent $4,178.98 on his joint campaign with Tovias. As of the latest campaign report Robinson had a balance of $2,466.02. 

Tovias has raised a total of $5,045, including a $1,000 self-loan that is still outstanding. According to his latest filing, Tovias’ total expenditures to date are $4,229.05, including the $525 deposit paid to the county for inclusion of a statement in the Sample Ballot.

Tovias’ spending has included posters, business cards, door hangers and signage. His latest report showed a campaign bank balance of $815.95.

Robinson and Tovias each received an additional $3,000 donation from Richard Main’s Citizens Voter Guide, filed as amendments not reflected in the previous filing. 

Ashby is acting as his own campaign manager and showed total donations to date of $3,811, including an outstanding self-loan of $340.19. He has kept spending to a minimum, reporting expenditures for advertising with the Santa Paula Times as well as office supplies, literature and signage. Ashby’s expenditures so far total $1,982.59, leaving him with a $1,828.60 campaign bank balance.

Council members make a $300 monthly stipend and receive an almost $1,000 a month cafeteria plan health insurance payment that can be used to buy into the city’s health plan or pocketed. Council members also are given an approximately $2,500 annual expense account.