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What happens in Santa Paula shows up in Las Vegas commercial

January 23, 2013
Santa Paula News

Poor Las - he just wants to be left alone in the beautiful little town where everybody knows his name... but misinterprets it.

What happens in Santa Paula shows up in Las Vegas in the first commercial launched by, the only official website for the world famous destination.†

Owned and operated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the website states it offers comprehensive and reliable information to aid travel bookings. In addition to purchasing air and hotel packages, shows and more, offers up-to-date insider destination information, planning tools and itineraries.†

The website is supported by an all-new advertising campaign, and thatís where Santa Paula comes in. Or rather as the hometown of Las, Las Vegas to be exact, actually LasVegas.Com to use the gentlemanís full name.

First seen strolling down historic Santa Paula Street and then inside the Chili Hut, thatís where reveals heís 45 years old and sells insurance before he introduces himself. Itís a name just begging for misadventure: notes that before the Internet everything was normal... now heís mobbed along East Main Street by those wishing to visit Las Vegas.

ďIím not a website, Iím just a man,Ē he pleads with those who want his autograph, or, better yet, for him to make arrangements for a Las Vegas getaway. is the target of attempted bribery by all he opens the door of his home to, and he canít seem to get used to being rushed while trying to enjoy a quiet walk past historic residences. In fact, poor is the object of unrelenting albeit genial harassment everywhere he goes in picturesque Santa Paula.†

ďDo I look like a website?Ē he plaintively asks the camera. ďIs this how a website dresses?Ē

Loaded to YouTube January 8, the clever commercial - 61 seconds of fun set against plenty of great shots of Santa Paula - was produced by Hello & Company. See for yourself: visit