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Santa Paula Firefighters worked to stem the flow of water from a fire hydrant Monday struck by a Ventura woman driving a pickup truck. The woman was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence; the father picked up a young child that was also riding in the vehicle.

Child found in truck of woman
arrested for hitting fire hydrant

December 12, 2014
Santa Paula News

A Ventura woman was arrested Monday after her out-of-control pickup truck struck a fire hydrant on Steckel Drive and sent water shooting into the air. 

The woman, who according to Santa Paula Police Sgt. Jeremy Watson was found to have a young child in her vehicle, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Watson said the incident occurred December 8 “at about 5:05 p.m. when police received a call of a traffic collision in the 200 block of South Steckel Drive with a large amount of water shooting into the air. 

“That’s usually a clear indication someone took a fire hydrant out... “

When Santa Paula Police and Santa Paula Fire personnel arrived on scene they found the driver, 50-year-old Saundra Valdez of Ventura, also had a young child in the 2004 Ford F150 pickup truck that hit the hydrant.

No one was injured but Watson said responding officers “Determined signs of intoxication,” on the part of Valdez.

Upon further investigation police “Determined she had been driving her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol,” and Valdez was arrested without incident on suspicion of DUI.

Watson said the child’s father was notified and he picked up the youngster.