Santa Paula Times
Felkins Road: A long and bumpy road
for area undergoing improvements
Published:  February 06, 2015

Itís been a long and bumpy road for residents of Felkins Road but now work is progressing on installing new water piping and mains, which will be followed with a new street overlay.

Itís a big job thatís well, been in the pipeline for quite a while according to Interim Public Works Director Brian Yanez who noted ďFive or six years ago we did a sewer project,Ē for the area that was annexed to the city after a long process that began in late 2005.†

Still needed was the replacement for the water pipes and mains as well as road repair where work was being done.

ďThe interesting thing about Felkins is that itís a private road,Ē with property owners on both sides owning the thoroughfare to the middle of the street.

But, said Yanez, ďThe residents arenít paying for this (street work) project because basically we ruined the road,Ē with the previous work.

Over the years residents of Felkins Road have appeared before the council, initially some objecting to the annexation and later to complain of city work in the area that they saw as an unfinished nuisance.

But now itís on a roll with the City Council awarding the contract for the project to Toro Enterprises Inc. in early January; temporary water services for area residents were completed by about January 23.†

What followed was bacteriological testing of the temporary water service piping that had to be accepted before installation could begin.†

Yanez said installations of the 8-inch PVC water main pipe - which replaced 4-inch pipe - and HDPE water service piping to properties were installed in the public and private streets of Felkins Road as well as portions of Faulkner and Telegraph roads the last week of January.†

Water pressure testing, Yanez said Wednesday, is currently in progress.

The project underwent several reviews - including one in October 2005 before Felkins was officially within city limits as part of the Potable Water System Master Plan - and again in June 2012.

The initial study showed that the existing water main on Felkins Road was deficient in both size and age to not only† adequately service existing customers and but also not provide water in cases of fire emergencies. The purpose of the project is to replace the deficient 4-inch water main pipeline with current City standard 8-inch PVC pipe.

Those affected by the project - the water main that was replaced serves 21 customers - will see water service, meter and meter boxes as well as existing fire hydrant assemblies replaced with new upgrades.

The cost of the project - $283,399 - is funded through the 2014-2015 Capital Improvement program.