Santa Paula Times

Grace Fellers Morris, Class of 1948

March 15, 2002
Santa Paula High School
By B. J. Harding, President, SPUHS Alumni Association Biography #168 (Have you submitted yours?)Born in Cabizon, California to William and Lena Palmer Fellers, Grace came to Santa Paula when she was 6 years old. Her brother Jack, Class of 1951, was born in Parker, Kansas, the home of their mother.The children started their schooling at McKevett School, where Grace loved to run. She was always challenging her classmates, girls and boys, to a race. She was so fast, she almost always beat them all. The children then attended Isbell School before entering SPUHS.At high school Grace’s favorite class was arts and crafts, and one of her special teachers was Helen Pendleton, who taught home nursing. Grace’s special friends at school were Mary Moore (’48), Julianne Blackman (’48), and June Jensen (’47). A couple of the memorable boys in school were Bill Snyder (’48) and Joe Leavens (’48).Following graduation Grace was immediately married to O. V. Morris, and she went to Ventura Junior College to study nursing. She was the in the first class at VJC to learn to be Licensed Vocational Nurse; there were only eight students in her class.
At the end of this training Grace went to work at Ventura County Hospital, where she worked for 11 years using her full nursing skills. In 1961 she went to work for Santa Paula Memorial Hospital, where she was helping to put up beds when the first patient was admitted to SPMH. Grace continued to work here until 1983 when she went to Twin Pines Convalescent Hospital, where she nursed until 1993.During her career Grace managed to take time off to have four children, William (’76), Anna (’79), Terri (’83) and Guy, who have brought her five grandchildren, Vanesa Nickels (’89), Courtney Nickels (’98), Amanda, Brandon Nickels (2000), and Lisa Shropshire (2000), and two great grandchildren.While Grace was working at Twin Pines O. V. died of a heart attack, after which time Grace’s left side became paralyzed. It was learned that she had a brain tumor, and she was no longer able to work at the rest home. After surgery for the tumor, she has provided home care for various elderly patients. She is still working and enjoying her great grandchildren.