Santa Paula Times

AVID program promoted at Santa Paula High School

October 22, 1999
Santa Paula High School
As of September 1999, the Santa Paula High School Guidance Office is pleased to announce that the high school plans to continue offering its AVID program this year with a compliment of 20 new freshmen in the program. AVID is an acronym for "Advancement through Individual Determination." The aim or objective of the program is to prepare students to go directly to college or the university upon graduation from high school.Students who qualify for AVID are taken from those in the middle (2.0-3.0) GPA and develop their basic skills in the following areas: critical thinking, time management, study skills, note taking, library research, test taking skills, reading, writing, and math. AVID further challenges them to use these skills to take the more rigorous classes necessary to gain admission to the CSU or UC systems. As they progress through the grades, they develop positive attitudes, begin to see themselves as college prep students, and become more involved in activities that lead to a university education.It is the goal of our high school to expand AVID throughout the grades and to apply the use of AVID concepts and techniques throughout the high school curriculum. To accomplish these goals, our staff will be assisted by Principal J. Antonio Gaitan; Dr. Carol Ramnarine, Special Projects director; Mrs. Eloise Castaneda, Ventura County Office AVID consultant; Dr. Roger Ferris, counselor; and Mr. Craig Whitt, our new AVID teacher. Updates on the program will follow later this year.