Santa Paula Times

Search continues
for missing SP man,
reward now at $1000

November 05, 1999
Santa Paula News
"I have no idea at all where he might have gone," said Hilda Salazar of Camarillo, who is offering $1,000 for any information on the whereabouts of her son, 59-year-old Brian Allen of Santa Paula. Allen disappeared Aug. 17 in Ventura at getting off a bus at the County Government Center and although the Santa Paula Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have been searching for him, Allen has not been found.Salazar, who came to Santa Paula when she was a toddler and moved to Camarillo about eight years ago, said she has been keeping in touch with the SPPD. "I know Karen [SPPD/CSO Karen Heath-Karayan] has been working very hard on this."Salazar said Allen has been a "Wonderful son that tends to business. . .he's been a very wonderful son," although he had become concerned that Salazar didn't follow his own personal religious beliefs. "He would like me to live a long, long time," she noted, and he believed that following his beliefs would ensure same. "I don't know where he gets it. . .we were members of the Presbyterian Church for a long, long time."She was hoping Allen might contact a life-long friend, Nathan Blanchard. "He's a very good friend but he hasn't heard from him either; Nathan has been a wonderful friend; he's called me every other day and is very concerned."There have been no leads on Allen's whereabouts: "I have no idea where he might have gone," said Salazar. "He's probably been fasting. . .what he believes in he carries too far," and was distressed that his family would not adhere to his beliefs.
Salazar has doubled the reward to $1,000 to help find her son, who when last seen asked a bus driver how he could make a connecting bus to Oxnard. This is the not first time Allen has disappeared: nine years ago he was missing for weeks before turning up in a San Diego hospital where he had been admitted in a coma after fasting for up to 60 days. When he regained consciousness Allen told family members that he had embarked on the fast due to his religious beliefs.Allen has distinctive bushy hair and eyebrows and a full mustache, is 5 foot 10 inches tall, weighs 180 pounds, has a medium build, grey hair, brown eyes and a light complexion.Anyone with information about Allen's whereabouts is urged to call the Santa Paula Police Department, 525-4474.