Santa Paula Times

Letters to the Editor

October 03, 2003
Announcing Santa Paulans for Quality Neighborhoods To the Editor:On October 1st Centex Homes will begin the community planning Charrette for the Fagan Canyon expansion area. This development will have significant lasting impact on our community. As residents of Santa Paula, it is our responsibility to be engaged in the process, to provide input, and encourage the best possible planning of Fagan Canyon.Santa Paulans for Quality Neighborhoods is an open group, dedicated to creating neighborhoods in Fagan Canyon that exemplify the best of Santa Paula. We encourage the application of Traditional Neighborhood Design, to build upon our community(c)ąs unique character, and to ensure that new neighborhoods match our community(c)ąs interests, values and needs, for generations to come.We encourage Santa Paulans to join our list of residents who call for the very best for our community. Join Santa Paulans for Quality Neighborhoods!Send us an e-mail: we will add your name to our list of supporters, send you our Principles for Quality Neighborhoods document, and provide you Urgent Action updates on the Charrette.Join today! E-mail: SantaPaulaQN@netscape.netHeather PoehlerSanta PaulaCommunity spiritTo the Editor:Itís always nice to discover the good neighbors we have here in Santa Paula. Last week I was dining at Carrows and when I came out to my car I found my lights had been accidentally turned on and my battery was dead. I didnít have any jumper cables, but the kind staff at Carrows came out and gave the car a push and got it started so I could drive home.Thanks for reminding me of why I love living in Santa Paula.Suzi SkutleySanta PaulaLast callTo the Editor:Voting Day is near and will be ďexcitingĒ! I am voting for a winner and you know who that is because I believe everyone (and I believe it is everyone) will vote for the same big winner. We need ďnew faces and intelligenceĒ in our state.Of the big five in the running two are in the ring and three will be big losers. But I sure hope one of the big two will concede to help the other get the votes. Iíll drink to that and yíall will hear me yell loudly a big Yeehaw.California is being watched nationwide and this will make it into the history books. There has to be many changes in our capitol and many bills redone badly. We are in a mess. The state may be growing with people and births but not for business that is moving out.We do not need a left leaning, nor a prejudiced governor ever. We donít want one who belongs to radical groups or causes. We donít want one who brags about his heritage. We are American, whatever our ancestors were. I am hoping for the best and that everyone will be celebrating a good victory on Tuesday, October 7.Remember, we need better, not worse. The very sad part is some who donít listen to nor read the news nor the issues can vote. Or vote what someone else says. That has happened in our town even.Ken ZimmetSanta PaulaP.S. If one takes in illegal ($$$) millions, what would he do in Sacramento?Reasons tovote are skewedTo the Editor:The reasons to vote are skewed in this election. Some are voting for a particular candidate because they think he can win and then ďtheyĒ will control the state house. Iím told that my candidate canít win, therefore a vote for him would be wasted. When did we stop voting on our principles? Of the front runners, surprisingly Tom McClintock is the only pro-life candidate. All other things being equal, pro-life is a priceless credential and thatís where I stand. Kay Wilson-Bolton
Santa PaulaSchool District cutsTo the Editor:I read your article in the Friday, September 12th edition of the Santa Paula Times re SPESD and job cuts and felt the necessity to write in.First of all, as a taxpayer, citizen, and parent in this community, I feel if there is a Board Member not doing the proper job for which they were elected and representing my children and me, then they do need to step down and allow the next person to come in and do the right thing.Secondly, there were over 20 positions abolished and over 60 positions and benefits cut to part time back in March that affected the classified employees. These cuts were done based on the huge budget cut predicted by the district administrators on information coming from Sacramento. The board members and public were told how bad things were going to be. But instead of waiting to see what would happen, employees were let go.Then it turns out the budget cuts werenít as bad as predicted. If things were that bad, then why have there been so many job openings lately in the school district? I am in charge of financial areas in my place of employment and if I made such a miscalculation regarding our budget... guess what? ... I would not have my position still.Lastly, Superintendent Dr. Villegas stated in an article in the Ventura Star that he took a pay cut of $5,000. Was that an actual pay cut (or was a stipend cut)? Either way, $5,000 is not even 5% of his salary. What about the employees who took a 100% cut in pay when they lost their jobs?Itís time for the people of Santa Paula to start questioning what is really happening in the school district and why these things are being allowed to happen.J. LewisSanta PaulaI Donít CareTo the Editor:I donít care what color you arenor the place where you were bornYour eyes donít have to be shaped like mineI wonít look at you with scorn.I donít care what God you serveas long as you are kind -and loving to the rest of usWe - of humankind.I donít care about your financial worthnor the car you drive to workWe are all just one, and we all belongOn this planet we call Earth.Carmita Dickerson WoodSanta Paula