Santa Paula Times

Flamingos Menace Santa Paula

November 26, 2003
Santa Paula News
A flock of wayward flamingos have escaped and was last seen heading for Santa Paula. Residents are asked to keep their eyes open for the pink birds, which are known to exhibit several characteristics distressing to humans.While in the wild they tend to roost in trees, once in more developed areas they congregate in groups, favoring flat, open areas such as lawns. As many as 20 to 30 birds may converge on a front yard at one time, bewildering homeowners and enchanting youngsters. Other objectionable behavior is fairly unmentionable in a family publication.To date there is no known deterrent to keep the long-legged creatures at bay, but a local organization is investigating possibilities. One possibility would be to raise funds for a worthwhile effort in Santa Paula. Be on the look-out for further information.
In the meantime, if the birds alight in your yard, please call the Flamingo Removal and Abatement Group for help at (805) 525-0828.