Santa Paula Times
Letters to the Editor
Published:  May 13, 2016

Vote Martin 


To every constituent in the Supervisor’s 3rd District,

Politics have changed from years past and the integrity, character, charisma and actions of candidates   help each person to make a choice. Often the party interceded and contributed to the choice and you usually felt good about your choice.  Or we voted for “The lesser of the two evils…”

Most of us do not have the time to get to know the candidates. If we even care we rely on what we read and what others say. We form an opinion based on a number of things, as for local political offices our decisions are based on knowledge and often simple things such as party, key endorsers , something we think someone said about a candidate, or the research we did the night before Election Day!

I have listened to the platforms of the other candidates for 3rd District Supervisor, researched  their qualifications and experience. Many of them have strong community based skills and have assisted in community decision-making, but I believe that Martin Hernandez is the only one candidate qualified for this job. And I am spending every spare moment supporting him for this position.

Martin Hernandez is a husband, parent, veteran, public servant and like most of us cares deeply for his surrounding communities. He is highly educated about the history of our county and what has been important to local farmers and businesses.

I have spent time with Martin and have become very involved in his political  arena. I have experienced a deep appreciation for his integrity, character, honesty and trust. As our Mayor he listens to his constituents and his concerns on behalf of his constituents are genuine. His insights and decisions are based on many things and are true and just. And Martin is the same man in his political stance as he is in person. I would urge everyone to just take the time to get to know him, you will see what I mean. I believe his past experience will be the best to serve the 3rd District. He knows the challenges of the job, the toll the job takes and what it truly entails. I believe he can “Hit the ground running” to serve his constituents.

Martin has supported our Neighborhood Watch Program here in Santa Paula along with tackling the challenges with our homeless population within our city. As Mayor for the City of Santa Paula  he has expressed deep concern for our public safety and youth programs. I admire his dedication and concern for all in our community and the county.

When you study the candidates I believe you will see there is one seeking this office that is far above the rest: Vote for MARTIN HERNANDEZ!

 Thank you,

Martha Brown

Santa Paula Resident

Vote Carla 


Carla Castilla is far the best choice for 3rd District Supervisor.  She is the daughter of hardworking immigrant parents and a graduate of UCLA.  Carla is well liked by everyone; I first met her 12 years ago when she helped my wife who has Alzheimer’s. 

Carla has 15 years of public service with contacts which will help her serve our community exceptionally well.  She has worked for State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Congresswoman Lois Capps, served as an aide in the White House, and as an appointee to the Ventura County Workforce Investment Board.  

Carla is the only candidate supporting the real original SOAR.  The other “SOAR” is funded by developers.  She is the only candidate who has taken a stand against the proposed Mission Rock Electric Generating Plant.  Oxnard residents have fought this air polluting plant and Carla doesn’t want it dumped into our valley.  She urges moving away from fossil fuels—embracing clean technologies of the future.  

Carla also supports revoking the permit of the Santa Clara Waste Water plant to trigger a full environmental review.  Our first responders were endangered and there is need to assure that our environment and public safety are not again put at risk.  

None of the other five candidates for this seat support these three issues.  Please vote for Carla Castilla.  Thank you for considering my recommendation.

Delton Lee Johnson

Santa Paula

Cadette Girl Scout Troop 60321 

Dear Fellow Santa Paulans,

 We are Cadette Girl Scout Troop 60321 and we are students at Isbell Middle School.  Our names are Bella, Julia, and Mya.

 We are working on earning our Girl Scout Silver Award by completing a community service project.  Our project will be a bookcase, filled with children’s books for the main waiting room at the Santa Paula Hospital.  We have been working with the nursing staff at the hospital and they are very excited about our project and fully support it.

 We are requesting the following donations for this project:

· Monetary donations for the bookcase and paint

·Children’s books, new or gently used

 Any money that we collect that is left over once the bookcase is complete, will be used to buy additional books to fill it.  We hope that you will consider helping us with our project.  We will recognize any donations of $50 or greater value. 

 Checks can be made out to Girl Scout Troop 60321.  Please contact our leader, Cathy Fernandez at 805-525-8529, to arrange a donation.

 Thank you for your support.

 Yours truly,

 Bella Hernandez

 Julia Fernandez

 Mya Hernandez