Santa Paula Times
Support Santa Paula Schools- VOTE YES ON MEASURE P
Published:  May 27, 2016

By Chris Wilson, School Board President, Santa Paula Unified School District

Quality schools are key to providing an excellent education, preserving property values, and maintaining our great community.  Your YES vote on Measure P will help to provide critical funding that will upgrade, renovate, and modernize our neighborhood elementary and middle schools.

Don’t be misled by arguments against Measure P.  Consider the facts:

FACT:  With an average age of over 70 years, Santa Paula elementary and middle schools are old and in need of major repairs and renovations.  Measure P will fix our existing old elementary and middle schools.

FACT:  The last measure passed to improve local elementary schools was 16 years ago.  Since that time 22 of our neighboring school districts in Ventura County have passed improvement measures.  Santa Paula children deserve the same quality schools as students from other neighboring districts.

FACT:  Measure P makes financial sense and protects taxpayers.  1) By law, all funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State. 2) Spending must be reviewed and annually audited by an independent citizens’ oversight committee.  3) Funds can only be spent to improve our local schools; not for teacher or administrator salaries.

FACT:  Measure P is affordable, especially for senior citizens and long-time residents.  According to California Municipal Statistics, Inc., 956 homes in the District would pay less than $5 a month, and 356 homes would pay less than $2.50 a month for Measure P.  That’s a cheap investment in our schools that will provide a great return.

Measure P is a carefully considered program that will improve the quality of education, preserve property values, and provide children the classrooms they need to succeed.  

Don’t take my word for it, (or an anonymous ad for that matter), some of the most respected individuals and groups have studied Measure P and have concluded it is good for Santa Paula including:

City of Santa Paula

Civic/Community Leaders & Organizations

Martin Hernandez-Mayor of Santa Paula

Dr. David Gomez-Former Superintendent, SPUHSD

John Proctor-Past Mayor of Santa Paula

Lorenzo Moraza-Santa Paula Latino Town Hall President

Ginger Gherardi-City Councilwoman

Gabino Aguirre-Santa Paula Latino Town Hall

Rick Araiza-Fire Chief, Santa Paula

Harold Edwards, CEO, Limoneira 

Gordon Kimball Board Chairman, Limoneira

Elected Officials & Candidates

Tim Jones, Project Manager, Limoneira

Kathy Long-District 3 Supervisor, Ventura County

Lennie Kwok-Behavior Health Director, Santa Paula

Das Williams-State Assembly Member District 37

Gaby Rodriguez-Oxnard College Student Services

Carla Castilla-District 3 Supervisor Candidate, Ventura Co.

Bob Borrego-Community Leader

Stan Mantooth-Ventura Co. Supt. of Schools

Michael Tapia-ACSA President Region XIII

Aracely Preciado-Community Leader

Santa Paula USD Board of Trustees

Laura Espinosa-Santa Paula Latino Town Hall

Chris Wilson-President

Miguel Rodriguez-Behavioral Health Specialist

Kelsey Stewart-Vice President

Robert Chaparro-EOPS at Ventura College

Christina “Tina” Urias-Clerk

Angelica Cisneros-Community Leader

Diana Ponce Gomez-Member

Central Coast Alliance United for Sustainable Economy     

Michelle Kolbeck-Member

(CAUSE) Action Fund

Please join me in voting yes on Measure P for the kids and the community.  Thank you.