Santa Paula Times

Dedication of our fine doctors

May 20, 2000
Now and Then Helena KeefeI couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the dedication in the Santa Paula Times for April 5th about our doctors. How can we be blessed with so many gifted doctors who are helping our local hospital on the hill?We are one of the most fortunate communities to be able to consult with any one of the people listed, from family practice to specialists in all fields of medicine. The link that binds them all together is, to my mind, their friendliness and ability to bond with each patient and give real meaning to the words of “doctor-patient relationship.”Santa Paulans have always been aware of this excellent care these dedicated people have given to anyone in need of them. When I look back, as many of us oldsters do, we see a remembrance of doctors who took care of us in many emergencies, in flu and simple colds, childbirth, and many numerous illnesses. Many of them made house calls to treat not only the sick person, but to calm the family. Names like Drs. Clark, Felberbaum, Strong, H. I. Q. Brown, Bathuli, Malone, Howarth and Lehman come to mind, along with a most wonderful school nurse, Mazie Lewis.
Santa Paula can be justly proud of all these dedicated people who think of us as real family members, whether it was way back then or now.Note - yes, the new ones still make a habit of house calls when needed to strengthen all who depend on their special gift. Thanks to Santa Paula Memorial Hospital for remembering you “newcomers.” We love you and pray for you to have strength as you bring your healing of mind and body to all of us.