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Mascot fundraiser at Santa Paula High School

July 26, 2006
Santa Paula High School

Santa Paula Cheer Team Mascot Kiely Lazenby is planning a “mascot fundraiser” for class reunion parties for a new Cardinal costume.

Santa Paula Cheer Team Mascot Kiely Lazenby is planning a “mascot fundraiser” for class reunion parties for a new Cardinal costume. No one wanted to try out for mascot and Kiely announced, “There goes the mascot, along with no “Round-up” no “Car Show” no ditch-day (actually, that wasn’t really legit) but they don’t even talk about it up there on the hill!”Kiely was Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class President. This year she wants to put a lot of her extra energy into running amuck, just like she does in her everyday life, but living a dream of being a real character like at her favorite place: Disneyland. The reason no one wants to be the mascot is some big linebacker sat on the head about 5 years ago and made the head skinny. The outfit looks like it was hit by Dick Cheney and heavy birdshot, probably something stronger, because the holes are too big. Kiely doesn’t really mind the holes for ventilation, but the costume stinks! Hello! Has anyone ever heard of a dry-cleaner? (inside joke) Her mother’s maiden name is Wellman, as in Wellman Cleaners and Tailors, formerly located just north of the town clock on Davis Street. The whole outfit is completely matted, no feet; no bird wings or hands and the yellow long socks won’t stay-up. The stitching is gone around the tail and at the base of the zipper, quite a bit revealing. And..if that isn’t enough, the beak is bent and the paint is chipping-off.The name that all the schools call the cardinal is “chicken” and it is tradition now that Fillmore, of all places, carries out the bird at the beginning of the game. The past years some teams have even had some fake BBQs for the “chicken”. Did I tell you the costume is 15 years old? Oh, and the costume is really unusable because of strange head shape, the person inside can’t see out. The cardinal character has to be led. The head falls off easy so Kiely even misses doing a lot of the cheers.Here’s the fundraiser: Kiely and her advisor, Jocelyn, decided on two cardinals. One is mean looking and the other is a kid-friendly, happy, Disney-type character. The only real great advantage of the Disney cute one, is that it has a huge space to see out of through the mouth. Kiely, of course thought it would be sweeter when she goes through the stands and the Cardinal doesn’t look like its going to bite anyone, especially 3 and 4 year-olds.She is completely uninhibited and has been on stage all her life. So, she is thrilled at this opportunity. Kiely wants her mother to make a Luchador (Nacho Libre) outfit for the Cardinal and can’t wait for Mascot Cheer camp next week. Kiely said, “Any guy will definitely vote for the frowny-face, mean cardinal one.” and then she said, “YES!!” Personally, we all think she wants the mean looking one. She told me no one is going to carry her off the field. However, wouldn’t it be fun to have a happy one and a mean one? Kiely has made two boxes with posters of each of the candidates to put money in and which-ever one get the most donated money, she’ll buy the suitKiely would love to make an appearance in the oldie cardinal suit at the class reunions and also bring her ballot boxes and pictures. No one has to eat any chocolate bars and you’d be donating to our school. Best of all, it’s a good and happy cause and entertainment for years. She promises tender loving care and complete respect for the “New” Joe Cardinal!
We all don’t want the traditions to die out like they have been and there’s so many going to the high school students that are very “spirited” kids. Kiely can’t imagine not loving SPUHS. Kiely’s Grandpa Gene Wellman, graduated in 1945, both parents graduated in 1967 and 1968 and her other grandpa, Doug Lazenby taught English, Drama, a driver’s education teacher and also was the coach for various sports for 32 years. It would be fun to see Kiely running through a crowd of people--and she’s not shy about it. “Mom! I NEED the money!I know there will be a lot of people not attending a class reunion this year, but if you want to vote please send a check to the high school with Mascot Mean or Mascot Cute on the check. Thank you all alumni and all those who were able to attend Santa Paula High. The school address is: Santa Paula Union High SchoolAttn: Vice Principal Robin Gilette404 N. 6th StreetSanta Paula, CA 93060