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Summer biking season sees recall of helmets

July 14, 2000
Santa Paula News
The odds you own one of two products now being recalled by their manufacturers are slim, but it could mean life or death to yourself or a loved one that enjoys bicycling. At the peak of the summer biking season, about 80,000 bicycle helmets and over 2,000 bicycle kiddie trailers are being voluntarily recalled by manufacturers.The Consumer Product Safety Commission, based in Washington, D.C., has released a statement noting that it did not know of any injuries or deaths as a result of the flawed helmets but was publicizing the problem to prevent bicycle fatalities.Rand International of Farmingdale, New York is recalling 70,000 of its L. A. Cruisin’ model bicycle helmets that were sold in child, youth and adult sizes nationwide at Kmart stores, among other outlets.The youth and adult L. A. Cruisin’ models are white or black and the child sizes are either pink or blue. The helmets were sold from April 1999 through March 2000 for about $8.Cycle Express Inc. of New York is also recalling about 9,000 bicycle helmets. Girls’ model helmets are mostly pink mixed with silver glitter, and the pink part is bordered by purple tape. Decals on the helmets read “Hearts & Flowers” and are small sized for ages 2 though 5.Cycle Express helmets were sold with a bike bag-purse combo and hair accessories at Toys R Us stores nationwide from October 1999 through April 2000 for about $13.Burley Design Cooperative of Eugene, Oregon, is recalling about 2,200 Burley-Bravo bicycle trailers, which are used to transport young children behind bicycles.
The wheel of the Burley-Bravo bicycle trailer can separate from the trailers and result in crashes and injuries to the children riding inside.The Consumer Product Safety Commission said there has been one report of a minor injury associated with the faulty trailer but the risk for more serious injury or even a fatal accident is high.The Rand International L. A. Cruisin’ helmets can be returned to the manufacturer for a free replacement and the Cypress “Hearts & Flowers” girls’ helmets should be returned to the store where it was purchased for a $7 refund, the value of the helmet without the accessories.Consumers can contact Rand International at (800) 338-7677, during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Cycle Express can also be called toll-free at (877) 714-6117 Monday through Friday. Burley Design can be reached at (800) 311-5294 also Monday through Friday.l