Santa Paula Times

Mail solicitation promising riches a scam

October 06, 2000
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesWhen Hope Doering saw the golden colored postcard she was outraged: the Magic Circle of the Angel Turiel was promising Ronda Doering that she would become “incredibly lucky” if she affixed her signature inside the “Magic Circle” and sent it back, including the $10 requested. In turn, “Priests in the service of the Angel Turiel” would first authenticate her signature before embarking on a series of ceremonies performed on her behalf to bring “you money, good luck, love and personal power. . .”Of course, magic talismans of power, revealed in the ceremonies, would be sent to Ronda as well as personal lucky numbers and words of magic power to be repeated to fulfill any desire.The only problem is that Ronda Doering was tragically killed in an auto accident about 18 months ago in Mexico.And Hope, her mother and an acclaimed artist known as Esperanza, is outraged.“Probably millions of these postcards have gone out,” said Doering, a Santa Paula resident. “Ronda’s been gone for a year and a half but they’re promising to put her in their magic circle and all sorts of good things will happen. . .it’s a crock! A scam!”
And when it comes to the law, well, it’s certainly marginal, according to postal authorities, who said that such solicitations by mail are not unusual and depend on the level of belief on the part of the recipient. After all, the card does promise to send “talismans of power” as well as personal lucky numbers and magic words, so the promises can be considered more on the level of a business transaction, said the postal official.The tiny type on the postcard details all the goodies coming the way of those that send in the $10 to cover expenses: Ronda Doering’s name is repeated throughout the missive to give it that personal touch of other-worldly kinship, meant to elevate the vulnerability of the recipient.Hope is understandably outraged, and wants others to be aware that the riches - both personal and monetary - promised by the Magic Circle of the Angel Turiel, with a post office box return address in Colorado, is bogus.“I was just furious when I saw it, it bothered me so. . .it brought back so many feelings,” about Ronda’s death, said Hope. “I just hope nobody falls for this. . .and if nobody says anything about it someone might fall for it.”