Santa Paula Times

Letters to the Editor

May 11, 2001
Support our local hospital To the Editor:Like most Santa Paula residents, we recently received Community Memorial Hospital’s announcement proclaiming the opening of their Family Health Clinic here in Santa Paula. Apparently the Ventura health care market is not large enough for them and they must “invade” Santa Paula and further weaken Santa Paula Memorial Hospital. One can be certain where the clinic will refer their patients requiring hospital care.We urge Santa Paula and Fillmore residents to patronize Santa Paula Memorial Hospital and local physicians. Since moving to Santa Paula, we have heard numerous comments about the excellent health care (better than at some other hospitals) patients receive at SPMH. If we don’t use our local hospital, we just may wake up some morning and not have a local hospital.Roland and Gretchen RogersSanta PaulaTo the Editor:Noticing in the paper that this is National Hospital Week I take this opportunity to thank the staff, doctors and nurses of Santa Paula Memorial Hospital.  As those of you who have been to the hospital you know that the quality of care is unsurpassed.  Both of my children were born at Santa Paula Memorial Hospital (they are now 1 and 3 years). The nurses, doctors and staff were first rate.  My babies and I got round the clock care.  Every need and want was attended to.  I have been to hospitals where friends have had their babies and it has seemed like a zoo- nurses are busy and tired, and thepatients have felt like numbers on charts rather than real people.  We were treated as if this was an incredibly special few days in our lives.  We were given “bathing your new baby” classes, breastfeeding lessons, car seat instructions and even a gift certificate for a free car seat.  Fresh flowers were brought in everyday.  Juice and ice chips were cheerfully delivered.  A VCR was available for tapes about parenthood and also for entertainment.  New baby’s footprints were stamped into babybooks.  And the views aremagnificent.  The hospital sits a top a hill overlooking Santa Paula , Fillmore and Piru to the East.  My new baby and I could watch the sun riseover the mountains and valley each morning. My husband was given a comfortable day bed so that he could comfortablystay with us too.  The attention to detail and the level of comfort were truly astonishing. Santa Paula Hospital is a community hospital and needs to be supported by our community if we want it to continue to thrive.  I am astonished to hear how many Fillmore and Santa Paula women automatically think that they will get better care going to a larger hospital in Ventura.  You are wrong.  Take a tour of our newly remodeled rooms and meet our incredible nurses.  Once you’ve been there you’ll see why so many women from other areas of the county are flocking to our little hospital on the hill to have their babies. Our Santa Paula Hospital should not only be recognized during this week, but every single day that it serves our community.Thank you-
Laura BartelsSPPD says ABCTo the Editor:Every day, tens of thousands of drivers break the law in California - and by doing so put themselves and their child passengers at deadly risk. In the split second that an adult fails to buckle up or buckle up kids, a decision has been made that could result in the death of one or all passengers in the vehicle.That is why the Santa Paula Police Department is joining the largest-ever crackdown on drivers who don’t buckle up children. From May 21 through Memorial Day, our officers will sharply intensify enforcement of adult seat belt and child passenger laws throughout the state as part of the Operation ABC Mobilization.During this enforcement blitz, officers will conduct checkpoints and saturation patrols to look for and ticket drivers statewide who knowingly violate seat belt laws. There will be no warnings. No excuses.We join this enforcement effort because it works. Since the Mobilizations began in 1997, child fatalities have dropped 17 percent. We are proud to be part of this lifesaving effort, but more must be done.Last year, 86 children and 908 adults in California died unrestrained in crashes. And traffic crashes continue to be the No. 1 killer of kids, killing more than 2,000 each year. If you ignore the law and put innocent lives at risk, look for us in your rearview mirror this Memorial Day holiday.Sergeant Gary MarshallSanta Paula Police Department