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‘Hot Summer Jazz & Art’ a variety of sounds downtown Saturday

August 10, 2011
Santa Paula News

The beats will be different, at least when it comes to a mix of musical genres, but what will stay the same is you’ll still be sitting back and relaxing as you enjoy a fine meal and finer art and plenty of outdoor socializing at this Saturday’s “Hot Summer Jazz & Art” in historic Downtown Santa Paula.

This way cool way to spend the evening will be held from 6 to 10 p.m. on East Main Street between Mill and Davis streets. There is no admission charge. 

The 10-member Studio C will be set up outside the South Paseo, 926 E. Main St., where they’ll offer an eclectic mix of jazz, rock and soul for listening and dancing pleasure. This al fresco evening of music adheres to the “Hot Summer Jazz & Art” tradition of being in tandem with a variety of art for viewing pleasure and purchase as well as outdoor dining provided by Tlaquepaque, La Terraza, Mupu Grill, Garman’s Restaurant & Irish Pub and Tuscany Pizzeria.

Alfresco dining at linen covered tables will be available from the restaurants that will either offer table service or the chance for those craving food as well as music and art to place a “Go Man Go!” order for menu specials. Guests will also enjoy the opportunity to view and purchase fine art, including paintings, jewelry and other unique items perfect to enjoy or as gifts.

Sponsored by the Santa Paula Merchants Association and other supporters, the event draws hundreds of people from throughout the Tri-Counties who enjoy not only the music, food, art and each other, but also the vintage architecture of the downtown, long a favorite locale for film shoots and commercials, and Santa Paula’s famous weather. The smooth tunes, great vibes, unique art and food to “Go man go!” in the historic downtown are truly a unique night out on the town. 

According to SPDTMA President Debbie Johnson, the event “combines a free evening of entertainment, art browsing and the chance to order out from a variety of downtown area restaurants or enjoy cheerful table service from the many eateries scattered throughout our beautiful central business district.” And the audience is growing: “I know many people who come back again and again, but I also do know some,” including those that live in Santa Paula, “that had never come and couldn’t believe how fun it is.”

The allure of “Hot Summer Jazz & Art” is easy to ascertain: “People really like the atmosphere, the really good music, the restaurants and their menus as well as the fun shopping experience finding some really unique items.”

Cossid, a resident of Santa Paula, said he and Studio C are “absolutely looking forward” to performing, including two vocalists - Shayne Bourbon and Dia Takahashi. “We play jazz, rock and soul... hopefully,” said Cossid, “something for everybody.”

He’s looking forward to Studio C’s event debut, and noted he and his wife Mike have attended in the past. “It’s a wonderful evening, the al fresco and the community... we’re looking forward to having a really good time. That’s what it’s all about.”

And that includes the music: “We mix it up good, a variety of different tunes, some instrumentals, not all vocals.... We have some of the top talent in Ventura County,” including the four horns and four rhythm, “and we’re fortunate to get them to play with Studio C.”

Johnson said all the components of “Hot Summer Jazz & Art” make for an evening where “everyone is happy... the guests, musicians, artists, restaurants. And people love the atmosphere; they don’t feel like they’re on a closed street as the linen covered tables, the music, our really good weather and the wonderful architect of the downtown make it the most perfect place in the world to enjoy the evening.”

For more information, call Debbie Johnson at 525-1890.