Santa Paula Times

SPUHS thanks donors

August 12, 2011
Santa Paula High School

The Santa Paula Union High School District Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their recent donations to the district:

Turning Point Foundation, and Jim Colborn Baseball Field Project supporters: Curtis and Linda McDaniel, Steve and Lori Brown, Laurence L. Brady, D. Kay Davison-Culpepper, Daniel and Brenda Galbraith, Mary Powell and family, Michael and Caroline (Culver) Edge, Larry G. and Shirley Diamond, Daniel E. Bryant, Rose Trevizo-Whipple, Linda Stine-Chapel, Stephen B. and Laurie Love, Warren “Butch” Handrock, Lindsey Excavating & Grading, Fred W. Robinson, Edmond A. “Ed” and Monica Hollis, Bud and Darlene Gooding, Robert M. Salas, Gary and Nancy Nasalroad, Brad Guevara, Richard M. Yamamoto, Michael and Karen Lynch, Timothy C. Mason, Marilyn S. Jones, Gordon P. Jones, Mike Coleman – Coleman Landscaping, Madeline Ricards, Lois Rafferty, John A. and Joy Cooper, John A. Bravo, Familia Diaz, James A. Tovias, Steve and Howard Harvey, Ken and Gloria Ary, Limoneira Company, Harlan Goodson, Julia Trevizo-Blanco, Steve Smead, and Doris Murphy.

All donations made to the Santa Paula Union High School District are sincerely appreciated by the Board of Trustees, staff and students.