Santa Paula Times

Letters to the Editor

September 09, 2011

Small businesses

To the Editor:

These businesses are the anchor for our country, which helps keep our country afloat. Which our senseless government is constantly targeting them.

When I was growing up that’s what many people survived on small farms. My parents had a section of land but not all of it was under cultivation. Some of the land was where the buildings were situated, pasture for the animals and hay land.

I have not patronized some of the many small businesses here in Santa Paula but the few that I have I’d like to acknowledge them for their expertise, honesty and work ethics: H&H Auto Electric Repair, New Image Auto Body, Inc. and New Upholstery. Thank you for your service.

Georgia Jett

Santa Paula

Perturbed much

To the Editor:

Something has happened in our area and includes our town that “many,” including myself are “very upset” about. It is about the borders of the congressional districts in California. We were satisfied with the way it was. Recently a former City Councilmember wheedled his way into being chosen to be on those picked to be on the redistricting committee for the state. 

We have had three good Congress representatives since the 1940s and all represented us very well through all the years. There are always a few liberal left who want liberal left ideas but the opposite always won.

The ex-Councilmember on this committee once made a trip to a South American country to give a speech about how bad our country is but yet took advantage of our education and continues to live here and now had a chance to change the congressional district to suit his own ideas and to exclude our good congressman who has tried hard to work for us in a positive way as did those before him. I’ve had my arm twisted to write. Amen.

Ken Zimmet

Santa Paula

Re: Aviary to be a memory, Sept. 2, 2011

To the Editor:

Mr. Olivas’ letter was right on point. I applaud his suggestions as well as others who have recently noted their support for maintaining the Steckel Park aviary.

I sent an email last week to Supervisor Kathy Long asking that she find a budgetary solution to maintain this community asset. There are so many memories for local families and those that return to visit their hometown at the park. Easter Sunday barbeques, weddings, family and class reunions, baptismal parties are celebrations that have brought families together at this park. The aviary is one of those special places where mothers and fathers took their children to see live animals for a play day and to use it as a teaching tool for toddlers to point out colors, sounds, and the complexities of nature.

I plan to request a copy of the County’s park master plan to find out what is really going on with this decision. Is this more shortsighted decision making similar to the city contracting out our refuse department and the sale of its equipment?  

I would like to be more informed about this action and hope that our member of the Board of Supervisors will communicate in detail to her constituents not only the economic downturn facts but also what she is doing to preserve our community asset. And, what can residents do to help?

West Ventura County cities are being left with peaker plants in Oxnard and the closure of McGrath State Park, and in Santa Paula it is a jail and Toland Landfill. We want to maintain our quality of life with the types of amenities that parks, an aviary, creeks, and trails provide. Santa Paula has limited parks per capita for the population. By removing the aviary, it further limits accessibility to park resources for a low-income community. I believe that Santa Paulans want to see some action on this issue.

Laura Espinosa

Santa Paula