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Jim and Marie McCoy become founders of the Murals of Santa Paula

June 27, 2001
Santa Paula News

Left to right: Howard Bolton, vice president, The Murals of Santa Paula; Jim McCoy and Marie McCoy, owners, McCoy’s Automotive; Joyce Carlson, president, The Murals of Santa Paula; Wendell Dowling, artist and Lynn Dowling, artist's assistant.

With their gift of $1,000 to the Murals of Santa Paula, Jim and Marie McCoy have again demonstrated their commitment to a renewed Santa Paula. Joyce Carlson, president of the Mural Project, commented, “We are so pleased to receive this wonderful gift from Jim and Marie McCoy. They have supported so many worthwhile projects here in Santa Paula, so we are especially pleased that they wish to also support the Murals of Santa Paula.”

She continues, “Santa Paulans have shown their appreciation of the murals, not only through their monetary gifts but also through assistance in so many ways. This is truly a project of the entire community!”

All Santa Paulans are invited to the dedication of the latest mural created by noted local artist Wendell Dowling. It will be held at the mural site on Sunday, July 1st at 12 noon. There will be a festive celebration with the Santa Paula High School Band, ice cream, and comments by Wendell Dowling and others. Bleachers will be set up, but you might want to bring your own chair and a hat to shield you from the sun.

You may order your art prints of this beautiful mural at this time also, or you may order them after July 15 at John Nichols’ new location, 916 E. Main Street.