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Presentation April 7th of the new electric vehicle, Chevy Volt

March 21, 2012
Santa Paula News

The reactions to the charging station installations in downtown Ventura are demonstrating the need for better knowledge about electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Local electric vehicle experts are joining with Santa Paula Chevrolet to address this concern.

There will be a presentation and a ride and drive of the Chevy Volt on Saturday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Santa Paula Chevrolet, 101 W. Harvard Blvd. in Santa Paula. The presentation will begin at 11 a.m. and there is no charge for admission.

The new generation of plug-in electric vehicles represents a significant departure from the traditional gasoline or diesel powered technology. Understanding these vehicles and why they are needed is important for any responsible vehicle owner and fleet operator. The upcoming event will give people the chance to get the facts and try these extraordinary vehicles.

Autoworkers in this country are being laid off as adoption of this technology is being slowed down. Confusion and lack of knowledge about electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is being shown to be one cause for this. There is confusion about how the new vehicles fit into our lives, how they are charged and about the cost of using them. People are unclear about the tax benefits of such a vehicle. All of the challenges and concerns with vehicles like the Volt will be addressed at this event.

The need for oil independence is appealing, but do we really know how it is impacting our country? The military is the most active branch of the government taking action toward energy independence. They know what is compromising national security and are choosing the option of energy efficiency.

Can oil independence be one key to creating a strong economy and rebuilding our employment? The facts behind that include how much money is leaving our country to pay for oil as well as how that ties into our national debt. All of which will be discussed in detail at the event.

The speaker at this event is uniquely qualified to create a great presentation. Russell Sydney has spent the last eight years on solving our transportation dependence on imported oil. He helped lay the groundwork for the Alt Car Expo and has been an electric vehicle user for almost a decade. In addition, he is an experienced professional speaker, having given presentations throughout the United States, all across Canada, repeatedly in the United Kingdom, and down into the Caribbean.

There are estimates that imported oil represents from 65 to 75 percent of our total oil. Bringing that number down is a challenge and this event will look at how the Chevy Volt can do just that, one person at a time.