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Santa Paula Rotary Christmas Baskets still need one thing - you!

December 21, 2012
Santa Paula News

With just days remaining before Santa Paula Rotary Club members and community volunteers gather to deliver Christmas Baskets to needy area families, there is still one thing needed to bring holiday joy to 500 local households - you.

That is, you and your donation that can be left at a designated collection point, or Saturday morning only at the Community Center.

Past Rotary President Maria Bombara, Chief Elf to 2012 Rotary Christmas Basket Chair Rick Cook, said, “We are always short on sports equipment and bicycles” for boys and girls. Girls also particularly like make-up, body and bath items, hair products such as styling tools - think curling iron - as well as fun and/or practical hair accessories.

Bombara said the Toys for Tots program has been supportive: “We did receive 1,000 toys from the Marines last week, but we need more items, especially sports equipment,” which can be shared by all and promotes socializing, “and bicycles,” as all kids should have a bike! The body and bath as well as the beauty and hair products are also needed for extra basket touches that mean so much to children in needy households, often categorized as the working poor.

In coming days Rotarians and volunteers will be filling boxes with frozen chickens, canned goods, rice, beans, potatoes and fruit, as well as toys, books and specially selected items matched to each child in the household. Each basket recipient family underwent careful pre-screening to establish need. Rotarians and other community volunteers will load up trucks and deliver baskets early on the morning of Monday, December 24.

There’s still time for you to take your donation to a collection point for canned goods and toys: Fire Station #1, 114 S. 10th St.; Fire Station #2, 536 W. Main St.; Santa Paula Police Department, 214 S. 10th St.; Santa Clara Valley Bank, 901 E. Main St.; Rushing Real Estate, 120 Dean Dr.; Santa Paula Community Bank, 537 W. Harvard Blvd.; Heritage Ace Hardware, 568 W. Main St.; Troop Real Estate, 586 W. Main St.; Fit N Fine Fitness, 1060 E. Main St.; Garman’s Pub, 932 E. Main St.; Rabalais, 861 E. Main St.; and Curves, 922 E. Main Street. Remember: your donations will be accepted at the Santa Paula Community Center at 530 W. Main St. on Saturday morning, December 22.

The success of the program is largely dependent on the legendary generosity of the Santa Paula community. Students, churches, Scout troops, clubs, and mobile home parks have all contributed in the past, and again have shown their support to help our Santa Paulans in need this Christmas season. 

If you are able to donate to the program, please send an email to or speak with any Rotary Club of Santa Paula member. Monetary contributions may be given to any Santa Paula Rotary Club member or mailed to the Rotary Club at P.O. Box 809, Santa Paula, CA  93061. Please make all checks payable to Santa Paula Rotary Christmas Basket Fund. Visit the Rotary website at