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Blanchard Community Library Trustees take the Oath of Office: Paul Skeels (right) administers the Oath of Office to Trustees (standing, left to right) Linda Spink, Beverly Mueller and Maureen Coughlin while (seated at table, clockwise from bottom) outgoing Trustee Ninette Reyes-Sena, Brenda DeJamaer and Suzi Skutley - selected Board President - look on.

Blanchard Library Trustees sworn in, Skutley new Board President

December 26, 2012
Santa Paula News

Blanchard Community Library installed two board new directors and a returning trustee at the December 18 meeting. Incumbent Beverly Mueller and newcomers Maureen Coughlin and Linda Spink took the Oath of Office from attorney Paul Skeels, the city’s retired fire chief. Coughlin and Spink replaced Ed Geis and Ninette Reyes-Sena, who did not seek reelection. 

The trio was elected in the November 6 Election. Spink was the top vote getter with 3,805 votes (22.71 percent of the total), followed by Mueller, 3,459 (20.65 percent) and Coughlin 2,713 (16.20 percent). Kathy Ashby, Juan Corona Jr. and Lisa Sorensen, all first time candidates, were defeated for a seat on the board, which oversees the independent library - one of the few in Ventura County.

Initial business tackled by the new board was selection of a new president, a position incumbent Trustee Suzi Skutley obtained after being nominated by Mueller. Spink seconded the nomination and the board unanimously selected Skutley to replace Brenda DeJamaer. “It’s all yours kiddo!” DeJamaer joked to Skutley.

The selection of the board clerk did not go as smoothly: DeJamaer nominated Mueller, who declined the nomination, and Spink selected Coughlin, who asked about the duties of the position. When told the clerk checks the minutes prepared by Librarian Dan Robles, Spink said board policy dictates that the clerk takes the minutes themselves. The full board supported Coughlin for the position and a report will be presented at a later meeting regarding the duties of the clerk.

Also a matter of discussion was the board meeting date and time. Spink asked that the board consider rescheduling the meetings from late afternoon to early evening and moving the location to a larger venue to accommodate and encourage larger attendance as well as public participation.