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Letters to the Editor

April 05, 2013

Yes it should be moved somewhere else

To the Editor:

For over the last several weeks we have all been hearing all about the SPARC – the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center or Clinic. It is the shelter that houses lost abandoned cats and dogs that is called the no-kill shelter for cats and dogs to be placed in if they are lost and abandoned and have no place else to go to call home.

Well, anyway, the problem is that the neighbors are complaining about the loud noise of the dogs barking and cats yakking all of the time, all day and all night, creating a very big size giant headache for the neighbors who live around the SPARC shelter. Well, all I have to say that it is time for the City of Santa Paula and the City of Santa Paula City Council to do something about it.

I don’t know what the City of Santa Paula City and the City of Santa Paula City Council has in mind and in store for the shelter, because it was supposed to be a top subject/issue/item/topic of discussion on the agenda at the Monday,  April 1st meeting, which was the first meeting of the month. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t attend that meeting, and if I did I would go up to the podium and speak and voice out my opinion and thoughts about what I think about what the City should do about the SPARC shelter, because I feel and sympathize with the residents who live right next to the shelter, because some days I drive by the shelter and I hear the dogs barking up a storm, creating and making a big noise for all of the residents and neighbors who have to put up with all of that noise. 

In my mind, I think that the City of Santa Paula and the City of Santa Paula City Council should consider other options of moving the shelter elsewhere, and if they do they should move it to the east end on the outskirts of town like in the old Vista Ford building facility on Hallock Drive at the 126 Highway, where there are no neighbors around them, and where the dogs can bark as loud as they want and be watched around the clock 24/7/365, and also be put in housing that is and has much more bigger space for them to live and sleep in.

And I think that is where they should put the SPARC shelter at anyway, but in my mind that is where they should have put the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center or Clinic at in the first place, so they can have a much bigger building, facility, housing and space, too, so they could also be cared for, fed, bathed and showered too, other than being in better housing. But if not there, then they should try and move it to the west end of town, like in the Mission Rock Road area, and maybe find an old abandoned building to put them in better housing.

Either way, there should be another place for the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center or Clinic to call itself home, so all of the cats and dogs who were lost and abandoned could call it home, don’t you think?

John A. Bravo

Santa Paula

Re: Mac is back!

To the Editor: 

Like recurring ailments, the MacKinnon heartburn returns. Well if one cannot find employment and in these times of the entitlement mentality what are the options; unemployment insurance, the optional and more lucrative phony disability insurance claim but the “big bucks” are in the civil lawsuits. Judging by historical results the chances of getting at least a token settlement nowadays results in a good chunk of change. As we’ve become accustomed to high school journalism, Peggy Kelly has not failed us once again. Kelly’s March 29, 2013 article accomplishes what a judge, jury and verdict will take months to reach in just one sitting. According to the article, by all rights MacKinnon should be canonized not just given a lump sum settlement at the end of this saga. There are many MacKinnonites still up in arms in this community although almost a year has elapsed, the ad hoc committee to replace the present S.P. City Council is doing their due diligence with the help of Peggy Kelly and of course Marsha McDivitt Rea bringing up the rear with her conspiracy theory via her “Inquiring minds want to know” Santa Paula Times column. This is pathetic journalism! This whole MacKinnon drama Peggy Kelly and Marsha McDivitt Rea are masquerading is pure gutter politics, the accusations and insinuations leveled at the councilmen Cook and Gonzales reeks of same tried and proven tactics the corrupt national politicians and their “know nothing, research nothing, low to little information, ask no question, gullible followers”! Nowadays, with the use of Facebook, twitter, and the other social network media, some people are willing to accept the printed opinions of others as gospel truth; in contrast some religious believers doubt many parts of religious orthodoxy. But give some MacKinnonites a dose of “dirt” on your local print and that’s it, done; the truth! Kelly and Rea should be ashamed of their behavior; this type of conduct should be above Kelly and Rea but what is their ulterior motive?

Andrew F. Castaneda

Santa Paula

Editors Note: The writer (above) has made a statement about columns written by Marsha Rea and says they are “pathetic journalism.” The columns written by Marsha Rea are her opinion as is the letter that is written above. Furthermore the writer makes you believe no research was done regarding the lawsuit filed by the former Police Chief Steve MacKinnon. The March 29 article is solely based on the lawsuit filed by Steve MacKinnon. The writer of this letter should read the lawsuit before making statements and accusations and probably should do some research.  The writer has an opinion as to what happened to Chief MacKinnon; the lawsuit says something else. We will have to wait, maybe even a jury trial,  to find out. The writer  also appears to believe we should just ignore the whole thing. The Santa Paula Times will not ignore this story, especially when a lawsuit of this size is filed against the city and city officials. The Santa Paula Times takes exception to most of this letter and it’s tone; however, it is being published.

Employment numbers  

To the Editor:

The unemployment numbers for America and Europe are readily available, however our neighbors to the south, unemployment rates are never mentioned. Why? I think, the reason is simple, the information would reveal that many Latinos tend to have large families and their population is growing much faster than their industries can produce jobs, this may be because some of these countries are so corrupt, industry will not invest there. Over population and high unemployment has resulted. Industry demands a safe and stable environment prior to making a capital investment. Since the beginning of civilization, man has always voted with his feet. Hunger and poverty is all the motivation that is needed for people to look for greener pastures, no ballot needed! Unbridled opportunity is only available where a capitalistic economic conditions exist. These opportunities are exactly what the immigrants are seeking! The opportunity for a businessperson to succeed also has another side, the possibility of failure. If we remove the possibility of failure we also reduce the possibility of success. America is always been a land of opportunity with our capitalistic economic system. This is why so many want to come to America. 

A socialist systems fails when it reaches the point that it has more people drawing from the economy than it does contributing to the economy! Unfortunately the current administration in Washington doesn’t know that one can’t give what they have never received!

David Kaiser

Santa Paula