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Heat wave: Watch your childís - and yours petís - step

June 28, 2013
Santa Paula News

When the sun is beating down, donít forget a simple trick to see if the asphalt is too hot for your small child and your pet: press your hand firmly against the asphalt for seven seconds to make sure it will be comfortable and safe!

Even on relatively mild days, asphalt can reach dizzying temperatures if the circumstances - direct sun, no wind, very low humidity and radiant energy - are right. Even when the air temperature is only 77 degrees asphalt can heat to 125 degrees, the level that can cause skin destruction in only 60 seconds.

Itís 86 degrees? You can fry an egg in five minutes on the asphalt, which can reach a temperature of 135 degrees; at 87 degrees the asphalt can hit an astonishing 147 degrees.†

With a record heat wave projected for this weekend, keep on your toes and off the asphalt and make sure that any small child, senior or pet is not left in a vehicle - even in the shade with the windows cracked.