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New SPPD Police Officers (l to r) Dan McCarthy, Zachary Swanson, Wyatt Gates, Eric Burnett and Dan Gosslin (the latter two had serve as SPPD Reserve Officers) were introduced to the City Council at the April 7 meeting. All excelled at academy training ranking in the 90th percentile and above, while McCarthy ranked second overall in the class of 71 trainees

Five new SPPD Officers excelled at law enforcement
training academy

April 16, 2014
Santa Paula News

Five Santa Paula Police recruits that graduated with high honors were introduced to the City Council and community at the April 7 meeting.

Zachary Swanson, Daniel McCarthy and Wyatt Gates joined then-SPPD Reserve Officers Eric Burnett and Daniel Gosslin in the academy training to become full-time police officers.

Mayor Cook, a retired SPPD officer, attended Friday’s graduation at the College of the Canyons.

“These five young men did very well, I was very impressed with their standings,” said Cook. “They showed us they will represent the city very well.”

Police Chief Steve McLean noted, “The last time they were here I introduced them as recruits and I was really pleased how well they did,” not only at the academy but also by mastering the challenging training required to graduate.

The academy commander told McLean that out of the class of 71 recruits those bound for SPPD “were outstanding... 10 recruits scored 92 or above and two of those 10,” Burnett and McCarthy, “were from Santa Paula.

“Even more impressive than that is Officer Burnett,” ranked second overall and the other four Santa Paula recruits ranked 90 and above.

McLean said, “It is definitely my privilege to introduce the council and community,” to the new officers.

Cook noted he and Councilman Gonzales, Santa Paula’s former chief, “Went through the same thing 40 years ago... you picked a profession that is not only honorable but also stressful. You may not come home at night,” because of duty requirements.

“Santa Paula has had its share of crime,” said Cook, “but not any different than the county and the state... respect the public and love your family everyday.”

“The most honorable career I think is that of a police officer,” said Gonzales. “I commend you and please treat people in the community as members of the family... I don’t want to hear,” that officers are disrespectful to those they serve.

Burnett was asked to address the council: “As you know the struggles we all shared,” during training and, “some of the worst experiences were being hit with pepper spray and the gas house... I’ll never do that again!”

But, noted Burnett, “We had great experiences, bonded,” and look forward to strengthening that bond as they work together as SPPD officers.

“Thank you,” he added, “for this opportunity... “ 

McLean said his own “expectations as far as how to treat the pubic is to treat them as you want your local police to treat your spouse... “