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Vista Cove honored at Good Morning Santa Paula

October 15, 2014
Santa Paula News

Vista Cove Care Center, a longtime area business that concentrates on helping those most in need with special services was honored last week as the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Member of the Quarter.

The 99-bed skilled nursing care center received the award at Good Morning Santa Paula, the chamber’s monthly breakfast meeting. 

The October meeting was held at the historic Depot, home to the chamber and the Santa Paula Society of the Arts Gallery and Gift Shop.

Moderator Ben Schuck said he had “firsthand knowledge of what a good job they do... my sister was at Vista Cove for three months. 

“It’s a tough, tough job,” but Schuck said no one would suspect as much due to the “cheerful and happy” atmosphere.

Vista Cove Executive Director Cindy Jordan introduced Maritza Handal, the newly promoted director of rehabilitation services.

“Maritza was one of our success stories,” and an unusual one, joining Vista Cove after having undergone extensive therapy at the facility.

Jordan said there are “Lots of success stories,” including those patients that require personalized care for surgical wounds that won’t heal.  

“We have great nurses that get people healed up and home... “

Handal noted Vista Cove has an array of services ranging from physical and speech therapies to balance coordination to swallowing difficulties, among many others.

Committed to serving the health needs of the elderly of the community, the primary goal of Vista is to provide excellent care at a reasonable cost regardless of race, color, national origin, disability or age. Its mission is to provide the highest quality of professional services to its residents in order to achieve the goal of superior quality of care to satisfy the needs of its residents.

Medicare and Medi-Cal certified, contracted with private insurances and other health care providers, Vista Cove offers comprehensive quality skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services, I.V. therapy, wound care management, pharmacy services, resident centered recreation programs,

dietician consultation, pre-admission evaluations and discharge planning including home evaluations.

Vista Cover has a medical director and pharmacy and dietary consultants, offers medication management, regular health status review and handicapped accommodations, 24-hour RNs and vocational nurses, physical, speech and occupational therapists and recreational activities.

In addition, Vista Cover has recreational activities and regular events for the whole community.

“We work as a team,” said Handal, and Vista Cove staff, “Loves to be in Santa Paula serving the community of Santa Paula.”

Schuck said he was pleased to present the Chamber Member of the Quarter to Vista Cove, “On behalf of the chamber and as the brother of someone that had so many services there.”

A representative of Assemblyman Das Williams noted that Vista Cove had been active in the 2nd Annual Health Fair sponsored by Williams and is a constant presence at a variety of community events.