Santa Paula Times

921: Move over 525 and 933, there's a new telephone prefix in Santa Paula

October 27, 1999
Santa Paula News
A telephone number prefix - those first three numbers that follow the area code - is followed by four numbers that can scrambled in about 10,000 combinations, and with Santa Paula's population rising there's finally another prefix: move over 525 and 933, here comes 921. Lee's Nut Shack, due to open soon on Main Street, has the new prefix, discovered by the Santa Paula Times when the owners of the business came in to talk advertising."The only thing I was worried about - once I got over my surprise - was that people might not affiliate the number with Santa Paula," said Times publisher Don Johnson.Indeed, it's been a long, long time since a new prefix has been added, although John Davies, a spokesman for GTE said Santa Paula has several other prefixes assigned to the area by alternate carriers."Santa Paula actually has four prefixes," including 371 for First World. "I'm not familiar with what kind of a company that is," Davies noted, and there might be more prefix numbers out there in Santa Paula for Internet services.The new GTE prefix of 921 had been in effect for awhile, he added, but now is being placed in service.
The need for new prefixes is growing all the time with the addition of fax machine and Internet lines, that extra phone for the kids, and others that need prefixes.The maximum a new prefix can handle is about 10,000 number combinations, and Santa Paula having the new 921 prefix placed in service, "makes sense. . .if you have about 28,000 residents, businesses and households with multiple lines it's about right," for a new prefix number to come into being, added Davies.