Santa Paula Times

Ann Bjellder Hellstrom, Class of 1959

October 22, 1999
By B. J. Harding, President, SPUHS Alumni Association
Santa Paula News
Ann, one of three foreign exchange students in 1959, lived in Santa Paula with her American family, Ernest Richardson, Class of 1926, his wife Margaret Keyes Richardson, Class of 1928, and their daughter Janis, also Class of 1959. Following graduation from SPUHS, Ann returned to her home country of Sweden. At the University of Stockholm she majored in math, physics and chemistry, in which she excelled at SPUHS under the tutelage of Neil Currier.Following graduation from college, Ann married Bjorn Hellstrom. They have three sons and a daughter.Ann worked as a teacher in Sweden for 14 years, and then went to work in her husband's business. Six members of the family own this business and now, since Bjorn's retirement, Ann is the managing director of AIVO AB.The company develops, manufactures and markets a data program in a Windows computer program for diet planning, food production and electronic ordering for state and local government-operated catering services in Scandinavia.The business helps management deliver and serve the right diet in the correct quantity with the proper nutritional values at the right price and at the right time. Over 6,000 catering services in Scandinavia use their software. For those on the Internet, you may "search the web" by going to to learn about Ann's company.
Ann and Bjorn live in Spang, which is a suburb west of Stockholm. For vacations they go to a small island in the Baltic Sea where there are only seven houses.Ann and Bjorn were here for Ann's Class of 1959 reunion in August, and have been visited in Sweden by her "American sister," Janis Richardson Schmutte of Ventura.