Santa Paula Times

SPHS graduate shows promise

October 27, 1999
Santa Paula High School
When Rosa Rosales arrived at Santa Paula High School four years ago, she knew not a word of English. After challenging herself and spending her high school career working hard and taking advantage of the school's programs, she has emerged as one of the top E.L.D. Cardinal graduates. When asked about what has been her key to success, Rosa responded, "I read a lot and try my hardest in all my classes." Her passion for reading did not go unnoticed by her teachers and library staff with whom she spent many hours sharing thoughts on literature. Meeting world renowned author Isabel Allende at the UCLA Book Fair in 1998 was a highlight for Rosa, who commented, "It was so exciting to meet someone who has written books I've loved."The enthusiastic 20 year-old had recently returned from her native Mexico where she cared for an ailing grandmother over the summer. She is actively seeking employment and has excellent computer skills, English and Spanish language proficiency and, according to her teachers, an outstanding work ethic. Indeed, SPHS teachers are so fond of Rosa that they chipped in to buy her a yearbook last year as a memento of her high school career.