Santa Paula Times

Mary Ann Krause: Leadership, vision and experience hallmarks of City Council bid

June 24, 2002
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesLeadership, vision and experience are at the forefront of Mary Ann Krause’s campaign for the City Council, the first time run for the almost 12-year Santa Paula resident.“I’m not a one-issue candidate,” said Krause, whose relevant 25 year experience for the council includes being a community development director, planning consultant, neighborhood council programmer, county administrative analyst and supervisorial deputy. Krause is also an active volunteer serving numerous city and regional boards.After weighing “what myself and my family [husband Carl and son Peter] would have to sacrifice, we decided it was doable. . .”Krause said her government experience would benefit city business and its impacts on the community. “I feel that often the council lacks direction or doesn’t use good decision-making skills,” which would benefit from her heavy experience in management and budgeting. “I want to make sure the council makes fiscally responsible decisions. I also have substantial economic development experience, which I think is one of our highest priorities.”Housing is also a priority, and Krause wants to improve present housing stock and expand choices for seniors and baby boomers alike. Affordable housing is of “critical importance,” and would benefit from a housing component in commercial development, such as second story units, “close to the heart of the community.”Optimum opportunity already exists east of 10th Street along the major corridors such as Main Street, where there is much “underdeveloped or abandoned or seldom used property that could be redeveloped.”Growth must be looked at not as an “all or nothing at all issue; Santa Paula needs to grow sensibly and we need to look at not only the physical attributes of a project but also the social attributes: how will they interact with others? Will they feel a part of the community, have our vision?”The East End could be home to a sports park and/or resort, which would further create incentive for revitalization, and unincorporated properties abutting Santa Paula should be annexed into the city for mutual benefit.Krause believes it is “not the right time, if there is a right time,” for development in Adams Canyon. “We need to concentrate on projects that have more certainty and shorter time frames; if Adams Canyon has a future we need to grow toward it before we include it in the CURB line.”That issue will also be on November’s ballot, and “if voters approve it, as a council member I promise to give it a very fair and objective review.”Economic development is one of the most important aspects of Krause’s platform. “The melding of bringing in new industries matching up to our labor force and providing education and training through our expanding community college campus,” to provide a wage that “supports family life.”
Krause is involved in the new Chamber of Commerce effort examining economic development in response to the lack of a city marketing program to attract industries, now limited to responding to inquiries rather than seeking out appropriate potential manufacturers and businesses.“We have to work hard to develop significant strategies,” including utilization of countywide sources for economic and labor development.Attitude must be upgraded: “I think we have a bad, community self-image. . .until the community as a whole takes the attitude of ‘Yes we can!’ we will not achieve what we deserve.”Krause, formerly Fillmore’s Community Development Director, noted that in the late 1980s its attitude mirrored Santa Paula’s. “Fillmore got to the point where City Hall developed just a few strategies to improve the appearance of their downtown by offering small grants to property owners to spruce up their buildings, $6,000 to each building owner with no matching costs. . .it was enough to bring the community out of the doldrums, give then some confidence in their town and in City Hall doing things.”The council and city “Daring to ask,” for new businesses and improvements brought commercial development, including the new shopping center.Krause would work to bring harmony to the council and improve the effectiveness of city government, asking “tough questions and focusing city departments on community development and customer service, rather than regulation.”“Santa Paula is a wonderful place with great neighborhoods that feel like neighborhoods, great architecture and historical buildings, warm caring people. I’m very encouraged by the number of people who are excited by my running for the City Council and who have offered substantial support. . .I’m really looking forward to serving Santa Paula.”