Santa Paula Times

SPPD: Four arrested, heroin found during early Wednesday parole search

December 29, 2002
Santa Paula Police Department
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesA parole search netted four arrests Wednesday morning, according to a Santa Paula Police Department official, who noted that one person wanted for a parole violation remains at large after police believe that the subject’s mother helped him evade arrest.The early morning search was conducted with the county Parole Department, said SPPD Sgt. Gary Marshall.“It was a regular sweep and the parole people wanted some assistance,” he noted. “Some of the subjects targeted were wanted for various reasons and the others the parole department just wanted to check up on.”A dozen locations throughout the city were subject to the searches, Sgt. Marshall added.On the 500 block of North Oak Street, Alejandra Luna, 27, “a wanted parolee,” was found to be in the possession of 15 balloons of heroin and was arrested, said Sgt. Marshall.At other locations, Pascual Escoto, also 22, was arrested on a parole violation; Julian Zepeda, 48, was also arrested for a parole violation and evidence of recent use of narcotics.
“North of the city we came across another guy and hooked him up for a parole violation,” said Sgt. Marshall, and David Shepherd, 28, was also taken into custody and arrested.Another suspect wanted for a parole violation is still being sought, and police believe that his mother helped him evade arrest during the Dec. 18th parole searches.All those arrested were transported to Ventura County Jail.