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Members and visitors to the Fillmore Red Hat Society met at Elkins Ranch Golf Course last week. Several women from Santa Paula attended and expressed interest in starting a grouup in Santa Paula. Photo by Brian D. Wilson

Fillmore Red Hat Society Dines at Elkins Ranch

June 27, 2003
Philosophy of the “dis-organization” is based on the poem
Santa Paula News
After wow-ing onlookers at Fillmore’s recent Early California Days parade, Fillmore Fancy Hatters, one of that city’s Red Hat Society chapters, had an outing at Elkins Ranch golf course on Saturday, June 21. Members of the group, plus others others interested in joining, were on hand. “Dress to impress” was the order of the day. That meant red hats and purple outfits.The Red Hat Society is made up of women, most over 50 years old, who like to belong to something where there are no rules, no responsibilities and where the main objective is to have fun.The philosophy of the “dis-organization” is based on the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph, which speaks of an old woman who wears purple and red and makes up for the sobriety of her youth.
Any woman interested should not dilly-dally in calling Dorothy Lynch at 524-2926.