Santa Paula Times

SPHS student recognized by
County Board of Supervisors

December 03, 1999
Santa Paula High School
This past summer ARBOR, Inc. held its 1999 Summer Computer Camp Program with 1,000 students throughout Ventura County participating, including 32 from Santa Paula High School. The program covered such areas as word processing, spreadsheets, database, Internet exposure, clip art, internal workings of computer systems, and the history of the computer. The students were placed in various work sites where they could utilize the skills and knowledge they had been taught in class in regard to computers.At the end of the program the various schools participating in the ARBOR, Inc. 1999 Summer Computer Camp Program nominated 16 students from the 1,000 participants for recognition by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.Santa Paula High School student Richard Huichapa received an Outstanding Participation award from the Board of Supervisors on September 28. Richard was nominated for being a highly focused individual who has the ability to grasp ideas quickly and apply them accurately. He completed all his assignments on time, and on each assignment demonstrated his mastery of clip art with panache and flair. It was very evident that Richard enjoyed working with computers and was eager to continue increasing his knowledge of the internal workings of computer systems.
Richard continually demonstrated unselfish acts of responsibility. He missed class only once, and that was due to an emergency. He was always on time to class and the work site as well. Richard always offered to help others in need, such as lifting something heavy. When offered a five-minute extension for a break for all his unsolicited help, he declined the offer. Richard was always available to help when the need arose.Lastly, Richard is a people-oriented person. When done with his work in class, he would offer his knowledge and assistance to his fellow classmates. He is studious, congenial, and a highly self-motivated individual. Richard’s accomplishments are a testament to to an excellent student, person, public education and what all of our high school students are capable of achieving.