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Two of the children at the Mexico orphanage smile for the camera. The orphanage was near Tijuana

Light of Life Church brings Christmas to Mexico orphanage

December 05, 2003
Santa Paula News
On November 22, forty-three members of Light of Life Church van-pooled across the Mexican border for a one day, gift-giving celebration at Rancho de sus Ninos Orphanage, near Tijuana. The day was intended to be an opportunity for Light of Life, a local Santa Paula church, to get to know Rancho de sus Ninos’ grounds, programs and special needs. It was also a chance for the members of Light of Life to donate clothing and give presents to the children during this, their first annual holiday party. Festivities included piñatas, crafts, potato sack races, food and more.Rancho de sus Ninos, located in Tecate, Mexico, is a Christian based orphanage currently housing almost 60 children. In addition, the facilities give aid to hundreds more children each year. The orphanage and school is run completely by volunteers, and almost everything on the grounds has been built by volunteer labor or donated by various U.S. church groups who visit the orphanage regularly. Light of Life Men’s Ministries Leader, Mel Van Meter, says Rancho de sus Ninos has a special place in his heart: “The children don’t have anything except for what you see. Some have two-by-fours with an old mattress for a bed. Most have been abused and abandoned. Rancho de sus Ninos provides these children with education through college. They give them love, food, clothes, and an opportunity to know Jesus.”Light of Life church members had been planning and fundraising for the trip for months prior. They raised $845 through a penny drive (over 320 pounds of pennies), and used those funds to purchase toys and school supplies for the children and to pay for the expenses of the trip. The church’s pastor, Pastor Ron Wilson, said, “This is part of our ‘Feed My Sheep Ministry.’ The Lord shows us where there is a need and we go try to fill it the way He wants us to.”
Light of Life is planning another, longer trip to the orphanage next summer to help build needed structures on the campus as well as to teach and spend time with the children. They will also hold their 2nd annual holiday party in November, 2004. For more information about this ministry, contact Light of Life at (805) 933-5004.