Santa Paula Times

Truck no parking signs
approved for Mill Park area

December 10, 1999
Santa Paula City Council
Those who might be used to parking large trucks on Ojai Road at Mill Park are going to have find another place to park after the City Council approved a plan to place no parking signs geared to tall vehicles at the location. The City Council approved the no parking signs at the Nov. 15 meeting.Council members in the past have voiced complaints from constituents about parking issues throughout the city including at Mill Park located on Ojai Road, a.k.a. Highway 150, a major traffic artery that leads to Ojai.The staff report by Norm Wilkinson, public works director/city engineer, noted that “an angle point in the alignment of Ojai Road and the parking of large trucks compromises safety at Mill Park,” leading to the issue being examined by the city Traffic Safety Committee.The Traffic Safety Committee recommended at the September 22 meeting the installation of at least two traffic signs to restrict parking of vehicles over six feet in height. The signs will read “No Parking Vehicles over 6 feet”.
Ojai Road/Highway 150 is also a state route, which means that Caltrans has jurisdiction over it: subsequently, city staff filed an encroachment permit with Caltrans to allow the installation of the signs. Caltrans policy, in turn, requires a City Council resolution approving installation before they can issue the necessary permit.The signs will be placed in front of the Mill Park area and it is hoped that once trucks no longer park there it will improve safety. Drivers are known to speed at times as they use Ojai Road/Highway 150, but even if the speed limit is adhered to, those visiting the park area have been hampered from seeing the flow of traffic - and oncoming dangers - as they attempt to access the park area.