Santa Paula Times

New teachers welcomed

September 03, 2004
Santa Paula News
New teachers and counselors in the Santa Paula Elementary School District were welcomed at a breakfast, hosted by the Santa Paula Federation of Teachers last week at Logsdons Restaurant. The teachers are (not in order): Alicia Alcantar, Mary Ann Alexeeff, Patricia Alvarez, Heidi Bolanos, Robin Brookes, Anna Colilles-Fuentes, Gladys Contreras, Jeannette Fitzgerald, Evie Grosfield, Eva Guzman, Marilyn Loughan, Cynthia Mathieu, Kelly McGraw, Yudic Mendoza, Isabel Olachea, Adriana Ramos, Ambel Puga, Candace Rasmussen, Mark Robertson, Gina Rom, Ryan Stough and Kurt Wilkinson. The counselors are Katie Callahan and Angie Alamillo. Photo by Brian D. Wilson