Santa Paula Times

First row: Sylvia Garcia Castro, Petra Garcia Quintero, Ester Soriano-Hewitt, Myra Hamilton Ferguson, Julia Rios Poole, Cheryl Brown Warren, Judi Grainger Hartshorn, Anita Garmon Hensley, Gayla Mathiews Williams, and Cathy Brown Kleinhans. Second row: Paul Yamamoto, Ed Hammonds, John Tucker, Ismael Alonzo, Jack Withers, Paul Hepburn, Lauretta (Laura) Staley, Barbara Powell Patton, Olivia Cobos-Garcia, and Kay Davison Culpepper. Third row: Larry Diamond, Jim Gardner, Don Schieferle, Roger Strange, Larry Hayes, Jim O’Neil, Paul Anderson, Bill Hickman, and John Hartshorn.

SPUHS Class of ‘64 reunion

September 03, 2004
Santa Paula High School
“The SPUHS Class of ‘64 held its 40th Reunion on Saturday, August 21, 2004 at the Meadowlark Park in Fillmore. Approximately 85 were in attendance including spouses, children, grandchildren, and classmates from all classes of the 60’s. Many outstanding door prizes were presented and the Reunion Committee would like to thank Santa Paula Merchants for their generosity: El Pescador No. 6, La Cabana Restaurant, Lin’s Chinese Foods, Pamela’s Tea Room, Nails 2000, Tlaquepaque Restaurant, and the Body Image II Fitness Center. (See related article in Letters to the Editor).Merriment Certificates were awarded for the following categories: “Farthest Traveled”: Cheryl Brown Warren and husband Jerry from Houston, TX; “Attending Reunion for the First Time”: Julia Rios Poole and Olivia Cobos-Garcia; “Married Longest”: Petra Garcia Quintero and husband Augie ‘60 (41 years); “Youngest Grandchild”: James W. Gardner (grandson, dob: 7/23/04); “Most Children”: Larry E. Hayes (seven); “Most Children/Step-Children”: John and Judy Grainger-Hartshorn (Four) and Margaret Luna Giblin and husband Bob (Four); “Most Grandchildren”: Julia Rios Poole (Nine) and “Most Great-Grandchildren”: Julia Rios Poole (Three).By vote, the classmates chose the Santa Paula Airport/ Logsdon’s as the location of their 45th reunion on Saturday, August 22, 2009.