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Art & Photography Awards

May 04, 2005
Santa Paula News

Professor and Chair of the Ventura College Art Department Bob Moskowitz announced the winners of the annual juried student show on April 26.

Professor and Chair of the Ventura College Art Department Bob Moskowitz announced the winners of the annual juried student show on April 26. Seven are residents of Santa Paula. Professional artists and photographers served as jurors for the show. Winners received cash prizes and/or certificates. The winning projects are on exhibit at the two Ventura College art galleries, Gallery Two and the New Media Gallery, through May 10. The hours are Monday and Wednesday, 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.; Tuesday, 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Thursday and Friday 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.Art History Award of Excellence, Garth Gibson, OxnardAcrylic Painting Award of Excellence: Nancy Hefferen, Ventura Award of Merit: Kathy Ikerd, Santa PaulaCeramics William Winterbourne Memorial Award: Francine Wang, Ventura Florence Halpert Memorial Award: William Pettit, Santa Paula Ventura Potters Guild Award: Ian Graham, Santa Paula Award of Excellence: Helen Griffin, Ventura Award of Merit: Cecile Faulconer, Oxnard Award of Merit: Robin Schlitt, OjaiColor and Design Award of Excellence: Nancy Spooner, Ventura Award of Merit: Weshoyot Alvitre, Ventura Honorable Mention: Randy Baker, VenturaComputer Graphics/Imaging Award of Excellence: Blanche Campagnoni, Camarillo Award of Merit: Lisa Herring, OxnardDrawing and Composition Award of Excellence: Grace Anderson, Ventura Award of Merit: Amber Ugarte, Oxnard Honorable Mention: Toshihiro Aya, Thousand OaksFigure Illustration: Award of Excellence: Noelle Timmons, Ventura Award of Merit: Grace Crabtree, Santa PaulaGraphic Communications/Design & Illustration: Award of Excellence: Andrew Anico, Oxnard Award of Merit: Haruna Murata, VenturaHead Drawing Award of Excellence, Debi Nowak-Hawkes, Ventura Award of Merit: Trinity Shawley, VenturaHead Painting Award of Excellence: Kathryn Hunley, Ventura Award of Merit: Kathleen (Rita) McBride, OxnardInk Techniques Award of Excellence: Debi Nowak-Hawkes, Ventura Award of Merit: Marlon VanCott, VenturaLife Drawing Award of Excellence: Marilyn Cahill, Camarillo Award of Merit: Sean Foster, Ventura Honorable Mention: Jim Martin, VenturaLife Painting Award of Excellence: Sean Foster, Ventura Award of Merit: Robyn Dalbey, VenturaMixed Media
Award of Excellence: Jeanne LaRocco, Oxnard Award of Merit: Virginia Buckle, VenturaMultimedia Publishing for Print and Web Award of Excellence: Rayna Clayson, Ventura Award of Merit - Jonas Lara, Oxnard Honorable Mention - Angelica Navarro, CamarilloMultimedia Animation, 2D & 3 D Award of Excellence: Kateryna Suvorova, Ventura Award of Merit - Debbie Amos, Oxnard Honorable Mention - Dave Colker, VenturaMultimedia Digital Video, Web Design Award of Excellence: Emily Raab, CamarilloOil Painting Award of Excellence: Ryan Carr, Ventura Award of Merit - Nancy Spooner, Ventura Honorable Mention - Laurel Murray-Joleand, VenturaColor Photography Award of Excellence: Sarah Willey, Ventura Award of Merit: Hannah Fitzgerald, OjaiTraditional Photography Award of Excellence: Kaylie Block, Oxnard Award of Merit: Kasey Lennon, OjaiDigital Photography Award of Excellence: Shalaco Sching, OjaiPrintmaking Award of Excellence: Inez Monguio, Ventura Award of Merit: Amanda Johnson, OxnardSculpture Award of Excellence: Leanna Archer, Ojai Award of Merit: Christy Becker, OjaiSerigraphy Award of Excellence: Kasenia McEven, Ventura, Award of Merit: Camille Thonna, VenturaThree-Dimensional Design Award of Excellence: Michelle Martin, Santa Paula Award of Merit: Graco Hernandez, Ventura Honorable Mention: Tyler Neumann, Ventura Honorable Mention: Haruna Murata, VenturaWatercolor Award of Excellence: L. Gene Thompson, Camarillo Award of Merit: Cynthia Davis, Ventura Honorable Mention: Chris Lemon, Santa Paula Honorable Mention: Dolas Tubbs, Santa PaulaBarney Dietz Purchase Award: Robyn Dalbey, Ventura1st Runners Up: Nancy Spooner, oil, Ventura and Toshihiro Aya, drawing, Thousand OaksFor additional information, call Bill Hendricks, photography professor, at (805) 654-6400, ext. 3223 or Cathy Day, art instructor and gallery manager, at (805) 648-8974.