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(Fiirst two photo frames above) Tisa Grant prepares to cut the hair of Terria Duran, and then finishes the buzz cut on Terria. (Next two frames) Tisa Grant cuts the ponytail off Gwen Harrod and then finishes Gwen’s buzz cut. (Photo at right) Left to right are Gwen Harrod, Tisa Grant, and Terria Duran after their hair was cut at the Relay for Life. Photos by Don Johnson

Teachers meet hair-raising challenge

May 25, 2005
Santa Paula News
Terria Duran, a 2nd grade teacher at Mckevett School, and Gwen Harrod, a SPHS English and Math teacher, challenged their colleagues, students, and others at each of their schools to raise $3000 for a total of $6000 to be donated to the Relay for Life. The challenge was if the money was raised they would have their hair buzz cut at the Relay for Life. Well, as pictured above they reached their goal and in front of a large crowd that included students the two had their hair cut. Tisa Grant from High Performance Salon brought the clippers and delighted the crowd as the hair fell to the ground. Both were good sports and Monday morning they will probably arrive early at school, they have no more hair to worry about for awhile. Everyone wanted to thank Terria and Gwen for their efforts in helping the Relay for Life.