Santa Paula Times

SPHS students honored by Rotary Club with Jr. Achievement Awards

May 25, 2005
Santa Paula High School

Much is always done for those outstanding SPHS seniors, but junior achievement must also be lauded.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesMuch is always done for those outstanding SPHS seniors, but junior achievement must also be lauded. The Rotary Club recently recognized distinguished juniors with Jr. Achievement Awards.Of all Rotary projects and programs, Jr. Achievement is “one of my favorites,” said Past President Elias Valdes. Valdes, Incoming President Joe Jauregui and Past President Maria Bombara presented the Certificates of Achievement to the students and told of their accomplishments.Rotarian Carl Barringer, a program founder, “keeps us on track with Junior Achievement,” noted Bombara.“These students can hold their own with anyone,” said Jauregui.Ricardo Alamillo of the SPHS Agricultural Academy was honored in Social Studies/History. He has demonstrated strong leadership skills and has far exceeded any and all expectations of what he wants to do with his life, according to teacher Alex Flores.Araceli Gonzalez is a responsible and self-driven student who is a volunteer teacher’s aide. Honored for Educational Services, Araceli is confident, cooperative, motivated and unselfish, noted counselor Bianca Lopez.Daniel Kim was recognized for accomplishments in Math, according to teacher N. Rodriguez. Daniel carries the highest grade of the 43 students taking Math Analysis Honors at SPHS, reflecting the high goals he sets for himself.Irene Moreno is very imaginative, well read individual who excels in Visual Arts, according to art teacher Ellen Park. Irene has been working on her Advanced Placement Studio Art portfolio all year, and plans and visualizes her work well in advance for best results.
Rena Sepulveda’s work in Agriculture Science has been broad, and she does much community volunteering. Teacher Alex Flores noted that Rena is a student who understands the importance of commitment and dedication, never giving up and always pulling through.Christina Thong was honored for Computer Science for her perfect grade in computer literacy. According to teacher Dan Sillars, Christina works diligently on her projects and has earned a 4.40 GPA, making her one of the five top students on campus.Jenae Quintara has excelled in Human Services, and the aspiring teacher is already interning with elementary school teachers at several elementary schools. Teacher Jill Sweet Gregory noted that Jenae will be an outstanding teacher one day.Kristen Mauricio has always been active in the SPHS Music/Band program for which she was recognized. Teacher Ed Roina noted that Kristen has shown constant growth in musical ability and - starting as a last minute fill in - now is the First Chair Trumpet.Brian Jewett has been a real leader in Physical Education, leading to his nomination by teacher Emily Stevens who noted that Brian is a leader, motivated to learn, and earns top grades. He has met and exceeded requirements and class standards.Mayra De Leon is an active member of the SPHS Theater Team and was nominated by drama teacher Basil Augustine, who noted that her leadership is always an example of the democratic process and that she helps the team in any way she can.Melanie Alvarez was recognized for English/Science for being an exemplary student, especially in chemistry, typically scoring 100 percent on tests. According to teacher Sylvia Nevarez, Melanie also has a strong interest in ornithology.Leticia Cabrera, recognized for her outstanding efforts in Foreign Language, last year aced the Spanish Advanced Placement Exam to receive college/university credit. Teacher Dora Madrigal noted that Leticia is also active and excels in other fields of study.Karaline Osuna was honored as overall Outstanding Junior of the Year at Renaissance High School for her academic work in all core subjects. Principal Lorenzo Moraza noted that Karaline is also active in school projects and is a positive role model.