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Elementary school district adopts pared down budget

July 06, 2005
Santa Paula News

The Santa Paula Elementary School District board has adopted a new, trimmed down budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year.

By Brian D. WilsonSanta Paula TimesThe Santa Paula Elementary School District board has adopted a new, trimmed down budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year.The new budget totals a little over 29 million dollars. That’s a drop of almost two million from last years’ expenditures. The school district is entering the third year of declining enrollment and continued cuts at the state level. Cuts in revenue and increasing costs in some programs, along with employee costs have forced budget reductions and adjustments in spending.Some of the budget reductions for the upcoming school year include the elimination of one Vice Principal position, restricting transportation to special day class students, elimination of the Director of Certificated Resources position and the reduction of three teaching positions. The district says that some of the reductions will be permanent and others will be restored as quickly as possible.
Superintendent Dr. Luis Villegas says that, in spite of the continuing budget crisis and budget uncertainties in the state, the Board of Education and District staff have effectively continued to align resources towards instructional services, increased instructional materials, improved professional development and school safety. “While the 2005-2006 budget contains some funding improvements, these improvements are offset by state reductions in last year’s budget, employee contractual salary increases and increased employee health costs,” Villegas said. “In short, the District’s 2005-2006 budget continues to be a maintenance budget with no projected increase in enrollment and/or unallocated funding.”The money the district receives is based on the actual attendance and not just the total enrollment of students. The average daily attendance (ADA) is multiplied by the district’s revenue limit per ADA to determine the total revenue limit income for the district. The Santa Paula Elementary School District has projected an enrollment of 3,696, which is multiplied by the district’s revenue limit of $4, 951.49. Districts that are experiencing declining enrollment, like Santa Paula, are able to claim the higher prior year enrollment, giving school boards one year to adjust to lower revenue.The district does receive income from the state lottery, but it totals only one percent of the total income. Santa Paula expects to get a little over $432,000 from the lottery nest year.